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It's official: in Franciacorta the international event for OK-N and OKN-J
04 May 2023

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FIA Karting has confirmed the support race for OK-N and OKN-Junior within the OK and OKJ World Championship scheduled in Franciacorta from October 5 to October 8.

The two new OK-N and OK-N Junior categories will be officially included in the OK and OKJ World Championship event scheduled from October 5 to October 8 in Franciacorta. This is the important initiative that FIA Karting has reserved for the two categories that have already made their debut in Italy in the Italian Zone Cup and that are ready to inaugurate the Italian ACI Karting Championship with the first race scheduled in Cremona on May 21.

First international stage in Franciacorta for the World Championship.
This is a real consecration of the program adopted in Italy by ACI Sport, which will lead to the OK-N World Cup as part of the 2024 FIA Karting World Championship. In the meantime, however, also in 2023, precisely at the request of ACI Sport, a first international stage will be created not only for OK-N but also for OK-N J with the "Road to the OK-N World Cup" event in Franciacorta in October.

A maximum of 36 drivers per category can participate in this international event, which will take place at the Franciacorta Karting Track from October 5 to October 8, 2023. For both categories, ACI Sport will apply a selection criterion with access priorities that will be given to the drivers participating in the Italian ACI Karting Championship, the Italian Zone Cup and the WSK.

This is the comment by Raffaele Giammaria, president of the ACI Karting Commission and first supporter of the two OK-N and OKN-J categories and of this first international event to be held in Franciacorta: “I am truly proud to be able to announce the birth of this event, of an international character, which will see both OK-N categories present in an important and prestigious stage such as the OK and OKJ World Championship. ACI Sport and the entire Karting Commission immediately believed in the new concept launched by the international federation and we immediately started a fruitful collaboration with them which led to the definition of the technical regulation. Gradually OK-N and OK-N J are gaining more and more visibility at a national level and I am pleased to note that other countries are also moving in the same direction.”

With the Italian ACI Karting Championship close to its debut, the response has in fact been positive overall in other countries as well. Denmark, Australia, France, Poland and Spain are in contention for this inaugural season. Other countries on other continents have also already started further initiatives. Precisely to support this project, FIA Karting has therefore decided to authorise a "support" round open to foreign participation and reserved for OK-N and OKN-J on the sidelines of the OK & Junior World Championships in Franciacorta.

The OK-N is a simplified version of the OK with a regulation that favours cost reduction. This was confirmed in a recent statement by Akbar Ebrahim, president of FIA Karting, who specified the spirit of the category aimed at all national markets: "Performance, reliability and accessibility are in the DNA of the OK family. Thanks to an accessible cost of use backed by an open market among all of its players, OK-N is the ideal platform for ASNs to encourage the expansion of national championships."

Press Release © ACI Sport

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