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It’s the Grand Finals countdown: the XX edition of the Grand Finals on October 15-17 in Castelletto
04 October 2021

After the exciting conclusion of the Easykart Trophy on the second weekend of September, when we crowned the national winners, the countdown continues towards the 2021 International Grand Finals, an edition that will have a very particular meaning, with a historical connotation: this year’s “big one” at the “7 Laghi Kart” in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia) from 15 to 17 October, in fact, will be the 20th edition of the Easykart history.

Registrations must be exclusively made on-line on the website by Tuesday October 5th. It will not be possible to register on track. The “track ticket” for Friday’s free practice must be purchased during the online registration while for testing on the previous days please contact the track management.

Once your online registration is confirmed, an e-mail will be sent with a self-certification form to be filled in with the chassis and engine numbers and it must be delivered during the sporting checks. All the info about costs can be found here:

EVERYONE in the “7 Laghi Kart” protected area (paddock, common area, closed areas) must collect the “green pass bracelet” by showing the green pass in the manner provided by the law or by presenting the completed self-declaration, which can be downloaded from the following link In the “Download” section after the news, you can find all the forms to fill in: they must be sent to [email protected] by Sunday October 10th. (The forms can be downloaded from in the “International Final” section – More info in the attached files).

In addition to the participation of drivers competing in the Easykart Trophies around the world, including Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and to assigning, as a result, the international titles, the Grand Finals have always been a moment of friendship and great celebration in the paddock -a feature that makes each edition unique and special.

This year’s Grand Final, in addition to being the twentieth edition, will be the first one of the “post-covid” era: the race weekend will begin with Friday’s official free practice sessions, the sporting checks, the tyre mounting at the parc fermé and the traditional pre-race interviews that will entertain the Easykart paddock on the Trofeo’s official social media channels during winter.

The schedule for Saturday includes the timed practice sessions, the qualifying heats, as well as the official group photo session on the main straight.

Once the track action will end, all the attention will move to the paddock for the prize-giving ceremony, which will officially award the Easykart Trophy champions and will assign the “Pole Position Vega” award to the Easydrivers who will have achieved pole position in qualifying. Furthermore, a special prize will be awarded to the three drivers who finished the Junior Shifter international event, organised in Wackersdorf (Germany) on the occasion of the Easykart Euro Trophy opening round that took place on July 3rd, on the podium. At the end of the ceremony, our ApEasy happy hour will return. Finally, on the “most important” Sunday of the whole season, pre-finals and the highly awaited Finals will assign the international titles to the winners.

In addition to the Junior Shifter prize-giving ceremony and the historic categories such as Easykart 60, Easykart 100, Easy 125, Easy Senior and BMB Challenge, the baby drivers of the new-born Easykart 60 Academy will race alongside the children of the Easytraining, who will hit the track on the same race weekend of the other classes for the first time this year. On an experimental basis, ACI Sport will allow foreign drivers to take part to the race in both 60 Academy and Easytraining -under the supervision of the federal school.

The hospitality service will be available again and it can be used from Thursday evening onwards (limited seats available): the access to the hospitality is only granted with a green pass and reservations are required. It is possible to purchase the “team package” with a priority on booking and discounted prices. Info and reservations: CHIAPPONI MASSIMO 335/8103141 - [email protected].

A heartfelt thank-you goes to our partners and sponsors of the event, without whom it would not be possible to hold the event: Birel ART, Vega, Exced, Alpinestars, Vroam, Kraftwerk, Ke Technology, Vroom, Tkart, Nani Rizzi, Val de Cune, Zanotto Col Fondo.

For info and paddock reservations, please contact the track management:

Bressana Salice Terme 6/A
Castelletto di Branduzzo
27040 – Pavia – Italia

T: +39 0383 895524 - F: +39 0383 895660
M: +39 333 5882182 (office hours)
Email: [email protected]

See you on track. Stay racing, stay happy… and think Easy!

Press Release © Easykart

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