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Lazio wins the 37th edition of the Italian ACI Karting Championship for Regional Teams
25 November 2022

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In the final ranking in Corridonia, Lazio concludes first with 295 overall points and precedes Puglia with 265 and Abruzzo with 208.

On the Cogiskart Circuit of Corridonia, once again a beautiful event was proven to be the one staged for the ACI Sport appointment of the Italian Karting Championship for Regional Teams, in the classic closing event of the competitive season. The 37th edition of this classic was held in Corridonia after having been conceived by the federation exactly 50 years ago, in 1972, and played for the first time on the legendary Pista Rossa in Milan.

On Marche's circuit of 1,050 meters there were 12 regional representatives, with a total of 116 drivers for a nice national confrontation and all protagonists of the respective regional Piedmont-Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Abruzzo-Molise, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia championships. The event was attended by the president of the ACI Sport Karting commission Raffaele Giammaria.

Lazio wins, here is the victorious team.
At the end of the somewhat fought finals, Lazio's team led by Roberto Sardelli prevails, conquering, with 295 points, the Italian Championship for Regional Teams for the seventh time in history, with the drivers Davide Mizzoni, Antonio Guglietta, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Edoardo Mario Sulpizio, Lamberto Ferrari, Achille Mizzoni, Alessandro Califano, Samuele Rizza, Simone Ragno, Renzo Pecutari, Fabrizio Carradori, Pierluigi Vigna, Simone Ortenzi, Roberto Taglienti.
On the podium also Puglia second with 265 points, and Abruzzo with 208 points.

The Finals.
After the official qualifying sessions, the two finals of each category took place as scheduled for Sunday October 30, with drivers in contention for the overall title of the best classified region and the titles for the winning regions in each category.

60 MINI - Sulpizio (Lazio) and Lilli (Tuscany) the winners of the two finals of 60 Mini.
Race1. Just on the last lap Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (Lazio/EKS-TM), already author of the pole position in qualifying, manages to regain the head of the race of 60 Mini and win on Samuele Giannini (Campania/Parolin-TM), while Cristian Carratelli (Abruzzo/Parolin-TM), who had remained in the lead until the penultimate lap, slips into fifth position. At the end of the race a penalty of 5 seconds also relegated Giannini to ninth place. Mariachiara Nardelli (Puglia/Parolin-TM) therefore takes second place, while Pietro Lilli (Tuscany/BirelART-TM) claims third place.
Race2. In the second final Pietro Lilli (Tuscany) manages to impose himself with a good advantage on Patrick Bissa (Lombardy/EKS-TM), who ends second after a nice recovery, while Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (Lazio) closes in third place in front of Samuele Giannini (Campania). Carratelli (Abruzzo) is fifth, Mariachiara Nardelli (Puglia) sixth.

MINI GR.3 - Clean sweep by Lorenzo D’Amico (Lazio).
Race1. The first final of MINI Gr.3 is quite linear with Lorenzo D'Amico (Abruzzo/FK-TM) starting from pole position and still in the lead at the finish line, where he precedes with a good advantage Davide Mizzoni (Lazio/Italcorse-TM) and Fabio Reale (Puglia/Parolin-TM), who climbed very well from the bottom of the grid.
Race2. In the second final, Lorenzo D’Amico repeats the success of Race1 for the colours of Abruzzo. Davide Mizzoni (Lazio) is second once again, Filippo Pola (Lombardy/Energy-TM) is third. The fourth position is occupied by Antonio Bonomo (Sicily/KR-TM), who concludes in front of Antonio Guglietta (Lazio/KR-LKE).

KZ2 - Samuele Marchetti (Emilia Romagna) makes it two victories in KZ2.
Race1. After an initial dominance of poleman Roberto Taglienti (Lazio/TK-TM), in KZ2 Samuele Marchetti (Emilia Romagna/Maranello-TM) takes the reins of the command and concludes with the victory, in front of William Lanzeni (Lombardy/EKS- TM), who completes a comeback. The third position goes to Taglienti after Alessio Scabini (Marche/CRG-TM), third on the finish line, is sanctioned with a 5-second penalty.
Race2. The second final of KZ2 is particularly heated, as William Lanzeni (Lombardy) claims victory, but at the end of the race Lanzeni receives a 10-second penalty for overtaking with a yellow flag. The victory then goes to Samuele Marchetti (Emilia Romagna), with Roberto Taglienti (Lazio) second and managing to resist to the attacks of Lorenzo Bellandi (Tuscany/BirelART-TM). An accident stops Giuseppe Fusco, who injures a hand.

KZN UNDER - Emanuele Simonetti dominates in KZN Under.
Race1. In KZN Under, Emanuele Simonetti (Marche/Parolin-TM) does not encounter particular difficulties to impose himself after being the author of the pole position in qualifying. Behind him are the other driver from Marche Leonardo Pelosi (Marche/Maranello-TM) and, more detached, Gian Marco Loddo (Abruzzo/CRG-TM), who precedes Nicola Imparato (Campania/CRG-TM) and Mattia Giannini (Tuscany/Maranello-TM), who completes a comeback. Imparato is then penalised by 5 seconds.
Race2. Emanuele Simonetti (Marche) dominates the second final on Leonardo Pelosi (Marche). Third stands Nicola Imparato (Campania) in front of Gian Marco Loddo (Abruzzo) and Mattia Giannini (Tuscany).

KZN SENIOR - Gagliardini (Marche) victorious in both finals.
Race1. Paolo Gagliardini (Marche/BirelART-TM) immediately confirms himself by winning in the first final of KZN Senior after claiming pole position in qualifying. Marche's driver, already champion of the category in the recent Coppa Italia, imposes himself on the pair of Abruzzo's drivers Sirio Costantini (Abruzzo/Intrepid-TM) and Riccardo Loddo (Abruzzo/CRG-TM). Gionata De Mezza (Tuscany/TK-TM) is fourth, in front of Lorenzo Nespoli (Lombardy/EKS-TM).
Race2. Paolo Gagliardini (Marche) also won the second final, this time in front of Fabrizio Carradori (Lazio/Italcorse-TM), while two Abruzzo's drivers Sirio Costantini and Riccardo Loddo conclude in third and fourth place. Gionata De Mezza (Tuscany) is fifth.

X30 JUNIOR - Liuzzi and Virelli divide the victories in X30 Junior.
Race1. Great battle in the first final of X30 Junior, with Leonardo Liuzzi (Puglia/BirelART-Iame) who earns the victory in the finals stages. Alessandro Califano (Lazio/Italcorse-Iame), Luca Esposito (Campania/Parolin-Iame) and Antonio Parlapiano (Campania/Tony Kart-Iame) are placed behind him in a sprint. However, the latter is sanctioned with a 5-second penalty and ends fifth, preceded by Riccardo Tarsi (Marche/KR-Iame). The poleman Simone Virelli (Calabria/Sodi-Iame) closes in sixth place.
Race2. In the second final, Simone Virelli (Calabria) redeemed himself and wins on Leonardo Liuzzi (Puglia/BirelART-Iame) and Alessandro Califano (Lazio), while Pietro Camerlengo (Piedmont/IPK-Iame) is placed fourth and Luca Esposito (Campania) fifth.

X30 SENIOR - Taccola (Lombardy) takes the first final, Migliucci (Puglia) wins Race2.
Race1. After the qualifying sessions of X30 Senior finished in the photo finish between the poleman Simone Taccola (Lombardia/Tony Kart-Iame) and Lamberto Ferrari (Lazio/IPK-Iame), the first final sees the domination of Taccola, but the two drivers behind him are Puglia's Matteo Bagnardi (Puglia/Top Kart-Iame) and Alessio Migliucci (Puglia/Top Kart-Iame). Ferrari closes in fourth position in front of Giorgio Basoli (Sardinia/Jesolo-Iame).
Race2. Simone Taccola (Lombardy) also imposes himself in the second final, but is penalised by 5 seconds. To win like this is Alessio Migliucci (Puglia) in front of Lamberto Ferrari (Lazio) and Matteo Bagnardi (Puglia). Taccola is classified fourth, Achille Mizzoni (Lazio) fifth.

These are the regions and the leaders who took part in the 37th edition of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams in Corridonia:
Piedmont-Liguria Region (team leader Sara Bosio), Lombardy (team leader Rino Bolis), Emilia Romagna (team leader Giancarlo Goldoni), Tuscany (team leader Giulio Pacinotti), Marche (team leader Massimo Golfetti), Lazio (team leader Roberto Sardelli), Abruzzo-Molise (team leader Massimo Golfetti), Campania (team leader Luigi Scarao), Puglia (team leader Giuseppe Di Carlo), Calabria (team leader Mario Petraglia), Sicily (team leader Gaspare Anastasi), Sardinia (team leader Antonio Dettori).

The final ranking:
1. Lazio points 295; 2. Puglia 265; 3. Abruzzo 208; 4. Lombardy 207; 5. Marche 199; 6. Campania 198; 7. Tuscany 172; 8. Emilia Romagna 156; 9. Piedmont 123; 10. Sardinia 115; 11. Calabria 107; 12. Sicily 87.

The regions that in Corridonia have imposed themselves in the individual categories:
60 Mini Lazio; MINI Gr.3 Lazio; KZ2 Lazio; KZN Under Marche; KZN Senior Abruzzo; X30 Junior Campania; X30 Senior Puglia.

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