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Leclerc: 2021 summer holidays… In karting!
Michele Panzera
11 August 2021

A bit like young kart drivers who still go to school do, the first day of vacation Charles Leclerc - before going to the beach in Greece with his family - decided to spend it on the track ... on the kart. Destination of the Monegasque, on Friday 6 August 2021, was the track of Migliaro (in the province of Ferrara, in Italy) with the Lennox Racing Team, led by Jordon Lennox-Lamb, official racing team in international competitions with Charles Leclerc chassis, produced by Birel Art and powered by TM Racing. Charles was not alone: ​​with him some Ferrari mechanics and staff passionate about karting who did not miss the opportunity to spend half a day of leisure, on the track, with the F1 driver.

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Charles spent the whole morning doing a series of sessions of about 10 laps each. The first session on the track, with used MG tires, was useful to become familiar with the track unknown to him and characterized by a design that was not particularly wide and by a rather tortuous lines in some sections. To carry out the second session on the track, new white Vegas tires are mounted and Charles tries to "make the time" trying to put into practice Jordon's advice with whom he is constantly confronted.

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But the day is full of fun, so here's a challenge: "Jordon, why don't you drive too?". And here Charles and Jordon find themselves on the track for an impromptu mini race. So improvised that Jordon takes to the track dressed in t-shirt and shorts ("I need air", the Englishman justifies himself with a joke), borrowing the helmet from Jamie Day, official driver of the Charles Leclerc by Lennox team Racing Team. The two go to the starting grid to make a real standing start. At the start, Jordon's cue is clearly the best, but Charles recovers immediately and the two begin a series of overtaking and counter-overtaking. Not even a number of laps to run has been established, so at the end of the race a winner cannot be decreed. The two, however, have a lot of fun judging by the smiles they put on display once the helmet is removed. The morning ends with another session on the track for Charles who then stops for lunch with all the Lennox Racing Team staff and his Ferrari friends-colleagues.


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