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More than 100 drivers for the debut of the 20th Easykart season
06 April 2021

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The 105 Easydrivers have given life to spectacular races with a lot of overtaking and challenges at the last corner.

Good first race! In the first round of the twentieth season of Easykart history, the response was excellent both in quantitative and qualitative terms: in addition to the 105 drivers present, the Finals were, in fact, uncertain down to the last meter, giving a show and a Sunday of pure racing. The first winners of the year are: Leonardo Principalli (BMB Challenge), Gabriel Moretto (100 Easy), Francesco Ruga (125 Easy), Rosolino Caralla (125 Senior) and Emilio Tedesco (60 Easy).

BMB Challenge: Leonardo Principalli dominates
Leonardo Principalli started as he had finished last season, winning. The Swiss driver took pole position at the end of a very balanced qualifying with 21 out of 28 drivers in less than a second. If the Prefinal was brought home in a relatively easy way, the Final was very tight until the last lap with Principalli who preceded Fabio Giliberti for 0"521 and Marco Maestranzi for 0"920 -both fighting for the win until the end. Fastest lap for Giliberti.

100 Easy: good first race for Gabriel Moretto.
At his debut in this category, Gabriel Moretto immediately scored his first victory. And he did it by taking pole position and taking P1 in the Prefinal and in the Final. But it was not a "child's play". The timed tests saw 15 riders enclosed in the space of one second, while in the Final the first four Easydrivers battled for success until the last meters of the race: Moretto won in front of a splendid Andrea Calabrese for 0"109 and to Edoardo Rovera for 0”325, the latter author of the fastest lap of the race.

125 Easy: Francesco Ruga wins in the original spirit of Easykart
I came, I saw, I won. In the twentieth Easykart season, Francesco Ruga signed the victory in the Final and he did it reflecting the style with which our reality was born, making his debut in a race weekend directly with the warm-up. In Qualifying, however, Gabriele Cazzaniga got the pole with just 64 thousandths of an advantage over Alessandro Girotti, who triumphed in the Prefinal with a margin of 0"723 on Ruga -winner of a very hard-fought Final thanks also to an extraordinary Andrea Fersini. The latter, who started from eleventh place, was the author of a great comeback and finished the race just over eight tenths from Ruga. On the third step of the podium Andrea Torello, while the fastest lap was achieved by Alessandro Viganò.

125 Senior: triumph for Rosolino Caralla, sixth overall
Successful debut for Rosolino Caralla, but his sixth place overall out of 21 participants is worth an applause. It was not an exploit for Caralla: tenth in qualifying, the driver from Abruzzo put on an excellent performance also in the Prefinal, obtaining the seventh position. In Senior, Caralla did not have an easy life against the other Seniors with Domenico Palumbo and Marco Beretta respectively second and third in both Qualifying and Prefinal, while Beretta got the better of Palumbo in the Final.

60 Easy: the first winner is Emilio Tedesco.
Pole, victory in the Prefinal, victory in the Final. This is the Venetian booty with which Emilio Tedesco returns home: if qualifying and Prefinals were regulated in a relatively calm way, the Final was literally very hard fought up to the checkered flag with Tedesco who preceded Bryan Turri by 45 thousandths of a second and Alex Brunner for 0”516. The fastest lap was set by Turri.

60 Academy: a promising debut for the new category with 15 drivers
A promising debut marked by the 60 Academy, the new class born as a trait d'union between Easytraining and 60 Easy -according to the new format strongly desired by ACI SPORT, with a kart very similar to the Easykart 60 and with the supervision of the managers of the Birel ART Racing racing department.

Thanks to the drivers, teams, mechanics and companions for a promising debut of the twentieth season: in a particular period for everyone, it was nice to be back racing on the track and having fun all together. The next appointment for the Easykart Circus is scheduled for 17 and 18 April for the third session of collective tests on the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato (Brescia), an excellent opportunity to set up karts and drivers in view of the second round of the trophy on May 2 that will be held on the same circuit. More information on the test and race will be available shortly.

Birel ART wishes everyone a happy Easter. Stay racing, stay happy… and think Easy!

Press Release © Easykart

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