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NasKart is preparing for the Puglia stage of La Conca
26 May 2018

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After the good results of the debut of Siena, for NasKart: Road to NASCAR The Whelen Euro Series is the moment of the 2nd championship race, which will be staged this weekend at the World Circuit La Conca.

5 drivers currently in the race, among which "stands out" Moreno Di Silvestre, who left Siena with 2 successes in the farm and the leadership of the championship thanks to the 69 points conquered. The only 12 points that separate him from Alessandro Brigatti, 2nd to 57, do not allow the pilot of Penne to sleep the proverbial sleep well.

Brigatti, on the other hand, during the round opening proved to be extremely constant and able to exploit the mistakes of others even in situations where it seemed in debt to the competition, the latter essential quality in a championship made by 6 events and 12 races.
The 3rd absolute square belongs to Lapo Nencetti, quick in Siena but "stopped" by the two penalties for early departure in Sunday races. Without the extra 10 "would have been a story certainly different; history that Nencetti hopes to write at La Conca.

Respectively 2 and 3 points separate the third position of Nencetti by Alessio Bacci and Christian Castelli, with the latter rewarded at the International Circuit of Siena as the most spectacular driver. Both will arrive on the circuit of Puglia with a clear goal: to win and mend the rift that separates them from the leadership.

These times of the day on Saturday:
Saturday 26 May
10.00 / 10.15: Free Practice 1
12.25 / 12.40: Free Practice 2
14.30 / 14.45: Free Practice 3
16.55 / 17.05: Qualification tests

Sunday 27 May

09.30 / 09.37: Warm Up
13.15: Race 1
17.50: Race 2

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