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New leaders after Ugento in the Italian ACI Karting Championship
06 July 2022

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The second round at the Pista Salentina launches new protagonists in the lead of the Tricolour.

The exceptional results of participation in the first round of Franciacorta with 335 drivers led to an important confirmation in the second round held on the Pista Salentina in Ugento (Lecce), where the 246 drivers represented the new historical attendance record for the Apulian circuit, also thanks to the score assigned on this occasion, which with the coefficient 1.5 gave new impetus to the championship standings and new leaders.

60 MINI, THE NEW LEADER IS COCO. Dominating the victories in the two Ugento finals in 60 Mini were Domenico Coco (Modena Kart/Energy-TM Racing-MG) and Giuseppe Piccolo (Team Driver/KR-TM Racing). Among the girls, Maria Chiara Nardelli (Parolin-TM Racing) was still in evidence, obtaining the podium in race-1 and confirming herself at the top of the women's classification. In the 60 Mini ranking the new leader is Domenico Coco with 99 points, while Pietro Lilli (LGK Racing Kart) finished third, even overtaken by Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (Team TK Driver Academy).
Championship: 1. Coco 99 points; 2. Sulpice 73; 3. Lilli 59.5.

MINI GR.3, COSTOYA IN THE LEAD. The classification also moved in the MINI Gr.3, where the Spanish Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing-MG) took the lead thanks to his podium in race-1 and the victory in race-2 in front of his two teammates, the Belgian Dries Van Langendonck and the Australian William Calleja. In the championship, Costoya overtook Iacopo Martinese (BabyRace/Parolin-Iame), winner of race-1 but short of points in race-2. However, the classification is sub-judice due to an ongoing appeal.
Championship (sub judice): 1. Costoya 140 points; 2. Martinese 122; 3. Van Langendonck 93.

NEW LEADER ALSO IN KZ2. At the end of a complicated weekend Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport/KR-Iame-MG) managed to take the victory in race-2, and is now the new leader of the category by just two points over his teammate Mirko Torsellini. The victory in race-1 was obtained by Alex Maragliano (Mangione Fina/Drago Corse-TM Racing), who had an accident in race-2. Moritz Ebner (LG Motorsport/Birel ART-TM Racing) continues to lead in KZ2 Under-18.
KZ2 Championship: 1. Albanese 97 points; 2. Torsellini 95; 3. Marseglia 84.
KZ2 Under 18 Championship: 1. Ebner 144 points; 2. Sgobba 99; 3. Maragliano 93.

CASAGRANDA GOES TO THE HEAD IN KZN UNDER. Very open situation in KZN Under, where in race-1 it was Luigi Musio (TK Driver Academy-TK-TM Racing-LeCont) who obtained the victory on the home circuit, while in race-2 his teammate Antonio Piccioni confirmed himself as the winner, replicating the success of race-2 in Franciacorta. In contention for the title that will be awarded at the end of September in Val Vibrata is Massimiliano Casagranda (Team TecTav), on the podium and new championship leader even if narrowly on Piccioni, while Domenico Tiranno (Team DFM) did not score points after having been the winner of race-1 in Franciacorta.
Championship: 1. Casagranda 99 points; 2. Piccioni 90; 3. Musio 66.

NALON TAKES FLIGHT IN KZN SENIOR. In KZN Senior Riccardo Nalon (ErreEsse/Parolin-TM Racing-LeCont) gains a great advantage thanks to the victory in race-2 and the podium in race-1. Already a protagonist in Franciacorta with a win and a second place, Nalon is very much on the way to winning the title. Roberto Profico doesn't let go, but the inconvenience of a double penalty in race-2 relegates him back in the championship. In race-1 the success went to Andrea Spagni (Maranello Kart/Maranello-TM Racing), who has now moved to second in the championship.
Championship: 1. Nalon 137 points; 2. Spagni 101.5; 3. Gagliardini 95.

DOUBLE VICTORY AND LEADERSHIP FOR APICELLA IN X30 JUNIOR. Great result in Ugento for Antonio Apicella (Team Driver/Kosmic-Iame-Komet), the new championship leader, who replied with a sensational double victory to Davide Bottaro's previous double victory in Franciacorta. Among his major rivals in Ugento, teammate Nando Weixelbaumer, as well as Riccardo Leone Cirelli (Autoeuropeo) and Giacomo Maman (TB Kart). His greater competitiveness on the Pista Salentina, however, has never been doubted.
Championship: 1. Apicella points 143; 2. Cirelli 99; 3. Maman 84.

CARENINI'S FEAT IN X30 SENIOR. In Ugento the Italian X30 Senior champion Danny Carenini (Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame-Komet) proved himself with victory in race-1 and an excellent third place in race-2 at the end of a great comeback. With this result Carenini took the lead in the standings, overtaking Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver), who obtained the fifth place in race-2 as his best result after his double victory at Franciacorta. In race-2 the Apulian driver Matteo Bagnardi (Top Kart-Iame) got a good victory.
Championship: 1. Carenini 135 points; 2. Pavan 90; 3. Ianniello 70.

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