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NSK 2020: new season, new challenges
Giovanni Mele
10 March 2020

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The National Series Karting created by 3MK Events is about to start its 9th season on the Angerville circuit at the beginning of May. French benchmark series, the NSK does not depart from its initial values ​​of professionalism, sportiness and friendliness by offering a quality competition in seven categories for pilots from 7 years old. The arrival of Mojo & Vega tires and the Plessé circuit are the main new features for 2020 in a proven formula that is particularly attractive and richly endowed.

Minime, Cadet, Nationale, Max Senior, Max Masters, DD2 and DD2 Masters are back in the NSK for the three meetings of the 2020 season.

NSK 1: 2-3 May 2020 - Angerville (91)
NSK 2: June 20-21, 2020 - Plessé (44)
NSK 3: September 19-20, 2020 - Salbris (41)

Plessé, a route to discover
The choice of a new circuit always brings additional interest to a series like the NSK, especially if its layout is as pleasant as that of Plessé. Located less than an hour from La Baule, recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the famous salt marshes of Guérande or the shipyards of Saint Nazaire, this Loire-Atlantique run run by Solokart was inaugurated in 2017. 1350 m long, it offers a fast and varied profile with great possibilities of overtaking.

Mojo tires in Rotax Max categories
Another new feature for 2020 is that the Mojo tires will equip the Rotax Max Senior, Masters, DD2 and DD2 Masters with the new generation approved by CIK-FIA D5 (slick) and W5 (rain) which have already had the opportunity to delight the participants of the 1st Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy at Le Mans last August. Vega will equip the youth categories with its Cadetti in Minime, the new M1 in Cadet and XH3 (slick) & W6 (rain) in National.

Always at the top
10 tickets will be offered to the best at the end of the season to participate in the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals which will take place in Bahrain from 7 to 14 November 2020, subject to being licensed FFSA and meeting the age conditions of the RMCGF 2020 .

12 invitations including the entry fees for the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy will also be offered to the Cadet, National, Max Senior, Max Masters, DD2 and DD2 Masters winners of the NSK Angerville and Plessé.

Each event will begin on Thursday afternoon with unofficial free practice, with the exception of the Minime and Cadet. Friday will be devoted to official free practice and the start of qualifying which will end on Saturday morning just before the qualifying heats. The qualifying stages will end on Sunday morning before making way for the finals.

Gradual allocation of points
3 bonus points will be awarded to the poleman of each category. Points will then be awarded at the end of the qualifying heats and the finals. The worst result will be counted at the end of the season. If the Angerville meeting is assigned a coefficient 1, the stake will go up to Plessé with a coefficient of 1.25, then to Salbris with a coefficient of 1.5.

Open registrations, limited places!
Visit the NSK website to register online now!

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