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Pista Ronco PG Corse - Male and female Endurance championship rd3
Giovanni Mele
27 July 2020

We are pleased to inform you that on Sunday 12 July, at the Pista Ronco PG Corse track, the 3rd race of the male and female 4-hour Endurance championship was held, where more than fifty drivers from all over Italy, as well as from neighboring Switzerland, took are challenged to obtain the title of best TEAM.


ore 08.30 tempo nuvoloso, voglia di gareggiare: si parte!
ore 09.30 qualifiche gara con miglior tempo di 35,223 secondi sul giro, che vedono in testa il team “Red Racing Spirit” composto da Orlando Sidoti, e Gianluca Cadoni (da Genova), già due volte vincitore del campionato “Sodi World Series”

July 12, 2020 - the winners

Let's sum up the highlights of the day.

08.30 am cloudy weather, desire to compete: let's go!
09.30 race qualifications with best time of 35.223 seconds on the lap, which lead the "Red Racing Spirit" team made up of Orlando Sidoti, and Gianluca Cadoni (from Genoa), already twice winner of the "Sodi World Series" championship

1.30 pm the sun comes out for the final pole and after 380 laps these are the winners:

  • 1st place — Smo Racing Team with Wesley Bettinelli (rookie), Dino Gallo, Davide Balbo (experience and know-how)

  • 2nd place — Red Racing Spirit with Orlando Sidoti, Gianluca Cadoni

  • 3rd place —Levante Team with Luca Laudisi, Clemente Sarapullo, Alessio Olcese

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August 1, 2020 and October 18, 2020 - upcoming challenges

Given the success on Sunday, we have set two new dates for the ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 August 2020 (2 hours) and 18 October 2020 (4 hours).

We remind you that the races are valid for the Sws world championship, so each driver must register on the website

Notes for the ENDURANCE mode (4 hours):
TEAM from 2 to 6 drivers (age 14+)
MODE 25 minutes of free practice + 7 minutes of qualification + 4 hours of competition; 6 mandatory stops for kart and driver change; meeting at 7:30 am

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