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Pomposa Dream Team (ITA) and Steel Ring Trinec (CZ) are the winners of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy 2022
11 July 2022

The 5th edition of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy organized by CRG, which took place in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) on the 7 Laghi Kart circuit on 25th and 26th June, has been confirmed as one of the most important events in the Endurace karting scene, both from a sports point of view and for what concerns the organization.

As for the sporting part, the success went to the Italian crew called Pomposa Dream Team and made up of Michele Biffi, Gioele Bondi, Massimiliano Marchesini, Dino Masina, Gianpaolo Quaquarelli and Krzysztof Severi, who covered 1296 laps of the Lombard circuit in 24 hours of racing, while in the special Silver ranking it was Czech Republic’s Steel Ring Trinec s.r.o. team of Ivo Polasek, Felipe Nardo, Filip Trombik and Jan Midrla to bring home the victory. The crew led by Martin Gregor also finished P12 in the overall standings with 1285 laps covered. The DMS Motorsport team (Claudio Biffi, Stefano Perseghin, Nicolas Russo, Davide Trombetta and Mario Villa) also made it to the podium of the overall standings, authors of an amazing race, led for many hours in the lead and finished just 32” behind the winners. The DMS team also set the fastest lap of the race with a time of 1’04″013, lowering what was worth the pole position for Team Sugo by about 3 tenths of a second. In 3rd place another great race was closed by the BAC PKI crew of Marco Bortoluzzi, Denis Furlan, Andrea Riva, Mauro Varotto, Erica Zago and Maicol Mattioli, who finished 1 lap from the winners, preceding another leading team of the event: Tutela Legale of Daniel Walti, Carlo Pasquino, Federico Gargano, Gabriele Gargano and Julien Delecrètaz. The top 5 was completed by the GAS RT team of Alessandro Cavallé, Cesare Cattaneo, Jeffry Macrì, Federico Bosio and Mauro Molaschi, ahead of an excellent Team Sugo (author of the pole position in qualifying), led very well from the pits by the Team Manager Giulia Ravasio and among the contenders for the podium, before accusing a drop in engine performance during the night, then recovered before dawn. The 7th position was also positive for the E-Team 21 crew, which came ahead of the first of the Beretta teams, the one led by Elia Minghelli, called B&CO Pro. The top ten was completed by SMO Racing Team led by Michele Ottini, who finished in 9th place ahead of Marco Strafurini’s Miout squad. A good performance also for Flavio Ceci’s Thunderbolt team ahead of the already mentioned Steel Ring team that scored P12 overall and won the Silver Cup. Still with regard to the Silver Cup, it is worth saying that the podium was completed by Squillari Racing Team of Massimo Cavalieri, Patrizio Barca, Ruben Gastaldi, Ivan Baronchelli, Luca Capolongo and Thomas Brundu, P2 in the Silver and P14 in the general classification behind Lhasa – Maglieria Sala, while the French team NTKART composed by Jan Frederic Hansen, Elia Salucci, Ricardo Da Rocha and Dimitri Duszynski reached the 3rd step of the Silver podium. A beautiful race among the Silver crews was also completed by GF Racing Team, P4 in the Silver Cup and P18 overall behind B&Co. Young, as well as by the rookie team in an event of this magnitude such as the THU Karting Team, P5 in the Silver classification and P19 overall, ahead of Autovergiate Supercar.

This important Endurance karting meeting has once again highlighted the strength of the format wanted by CRG, both because the race remained open to 4 contenders until the final stages, and because the performances of the individual crews were incredible in terms of balance. Just think of the fastest laps in the race that see as many as 20 crews collected in 3 tenths. The strategies, the individual episodes and even a little bit of luck were decisive in decreeing the winning team. Looking back at the Pomposa Dream Team, there is a unanimous chorus of compliments for a well-deserved success, obtained without making the slightest mistake and which rewards an almost unique loyalty to the CRG event, considering that they have always attended the previous editions of the 24 Hours. Before closing the part of the sports story, it is important to talk about the success of the Lecco Racing team in the special B&Co. classification, which saw 10 teams from the Beretta food group, partner of this unforgettable 2022 edition, competing on the track.

Based on the race chronicle and the track results, it should be pointed out that once again the great organizational machine put in place by CRG made the difference for the success of the event. From the point of view of communication, the race was covered by 5 blocks of live streaming with images and rankings from the track, alternated with comments and interviews in the TV studio, as well as an excellent support to the teams from the Race Direction with video controls, the big screen with the rankings, positioned within the circuit and the services offered to the teams, such as hotel rooms and the box set up with monitors to follow the race and strategies in real time.

Finally, great applause must be attributed to the CRG technical staff, which has set up a fleet of new CRG Centurions, well prepared and managed on the track with very high standards of professionalism, allowing the teams to attend the race with the best technical support. Teams and drivers also promoted the circuit with full marks. They said the circuit was very demanding, but also fun to drive and managed by a staff who guaranteed the teams and the organization an excellent contribution to the success of the event.

For everyone the date is already for next season for edition no. 6 of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy organized by CRG and in the meantime for all the insights with the interviews of the protagonists, the curiosities and the exclusive videos, it is possible to follow the Facebook page dedicated to the event (24 Hours Karting of Italy) and the official website of CRG

Full results available by clicking here

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