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Rain and hail do not stop the 3rd Cetilar Trophy
19 April 2019

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Race last regularly until 1:30 pm when a hailstorm surprised the participants and forced the Race Direction to stop temporarily.

Even with an inaccessible season there was no lack of spectacular tussle in the various categories: In X30 MASTER the victory went to Monaci (KR / IAME) which also marks the fastest lap of the final. Monaci got the better of Bambace (TBKART / IAME) who placed himself on the second step of the podium, followed by Salvia (GOLD / IAME).

The X30 SENIOR was won by Russo (TONY / IAME) who dominated the 38 drivers in the race. Following Vezzelli (PAROLIN / IAME) and Villa (TBKART / IAME) penalized by 5 'for front fairing.

The X30 JUNIOR saw Crew (KR / IAME) conquer the top of the podium with the victory, breaking the opponent Bertuca (BIREL / IAME) second more than 3 seconds. Third Taddei (VEMME / IAME) took the podium with a comeback of 7 positions.

The X30MINI riders battled it out by giving the victory to the Parolin of Monza (PAROLIN / IAME) which had already taken pole in qualifying and first place on the grid for the final. Second with a spectacular 10-place comeback is Piazza Leopardi (PAROLIN / IAME). Bronze medal for the young Puppo (PAROLIN / IAME) which completes the podium.

The battle for the 2019 Regional Championship gave us incredible races with the National categories.

In the KZN, UNDER won a spectacular Nuccioni (RIGHETTI / TM) race with an 8-place comeback, overtaking Massatani who lost the podium for a 5 'penalty. Second place went to Zin (KR / IAME), who had taken pole in the pre-final. Capponi's intrepid third (INPTREPID / TM).

Tempesti (CRG / TM) dominates the weekend in the KZN OVER crowning the final with the victory. Gagliardi (FORMULAK / TM) follows him with a 3 second gap. De Mezza (CROC / TM) is in third position .

The CLUB has once again seen the sportiness of Sgheri (CRG / TM) and Strovegli (CRG / TM) battle. The latter blew Sgheri's pole, which came second then, and took home the victory. In third position Pallucca (MARANELLO / TM) followed by Bottin (ECOKART / TM).

The young drivers of the 60 MINI battled under the water. A race that saw the triumph of Olivieri (EVOKART / TM), followed by Larini (PAROLIN / TM) and Bucciarelli (EVOKART / TM) respectively in second and third position.

Sala (TK / LKE), Coletto (PAROLIN / LKE) and Zaccaria (ITALCORSE / LKE) fill the three steps of the ENTRY LEVEL. Following the small Morello, Sulpizio, Montoneri, Lilli, Bertellini and Koci.

The Siena Circuit will meet you on May 26th for the Spring Trophy where the ROK cup Italia categories and the 6th stage of the Tuscany-Umbria-Lazio Regional Championship will compete, awaiting the second round of the Italian ACI KARTING Championship.

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