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Rok Cup Italia: a preview
Giovanni Mele
04 September 2019

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In the cover photo we show you the poster of the 2019 edition of the Rok Cup Italia.
The names that are registering are high-level and numerous, in all categories, but, again, it is not known how the teams that will give life to the Rok Cup Italia Team Trophy will be composed, with its 10,000 Euro due to the champion team .
The prize money that will go to the riders can be quantified at over € 30,000 and includes: engines, tires, vouchers and other technical material. Furthermore, each champion will have the chance to run the Rok Superfinal as a prize!
Let's discover in detail some small innovations that characterize the provisional registered list. Remembering that registrations will close Friday (September 6th) morning.

MINI ROK. As always it is the most numerous category and in the entry list, still provisional, the names of the area champions stand out, Anpilogov (North) and Ianniello (Centro). There will also be Mini Rokkers that during the first part of the season made life difficult for the two champions. These are, Marconato, Prescianotto, Perfetti and Viceconte.
As always, the Mini stands out, like the Junior Rok, due to the large number of foreign pilots who crowd it, certainly among them Al Dhaheri and the qualified group of Polish pilots.

JUNIOR ROK. Here you will not miss the Italian ACI-Rok champion and area champion, Ragone. The challengers will be many and guided by the "usual" faces, including Federici, Stifter and the winner of the final round of the Nord group, Megna.
The winner of the center, Chiurato, will return with a strong desire for revenge on the rivals of the north and with him, representing the center, there will be Bellandi.
It should be noted that two young, valuable Mini, such as De Pascale and Filaferro, will debut in the Junior right in the Rok Cup Italy.

SENIOR ROK. Will the highly seasoned platoon of Senior have his favorites in Molinari and Cuman? As always, formulating a prediction is not simple, but the Genoese is fresh winner of the Italian ACI Championship and of the Northern title. Cuman was one of the great protagonists of the season and showed a special feeling with Adria, besides having already won the Rok Cup Italia Junior in 2017.
On the track there will also be another Rokker that this special race has already won in 2015, it is Cristian Comanducci.
To keep up the honor of the center round will be the spirited youngsters, Mezzetti and Ortenzi, in constant growth and ready to join the big names.
In the senior there will also be the lady Tanja Muller, one of the girls who could try the coup by virtue of her uncommon speed qualities.

SHIFTER. The Rok with the gearbox is full of noble Rokkers, starting with the international champion Zemin, who will cross the tires with the north champion, the Swiss Muller and the Rok Italia champion (2018 and 2017), Squaranti.
Muller is also the Rok Cup Italia Senior champion in 2017 and will try to match Ercoli, able to win two titles in different categories, one in the category without gearbox and one in the Shifter. The undertaking for Muller will not be easy but not impossible.
In the provisional entry list there are also some protagonists of past editions, such as Manduchi and unexpected names are expected, also recalled by the sirens of the Rok Team Trophy challenge.

SUPER. Heavy names are not missing here too. On all the international champions, Machado and D’Abramo stand out, without neglecting the Rok Cup Italy champion (2014-2012), Cicognini.
Martinello, Mira, Dingli, Galbiati, Gritti, the British Elliot and the super cardinal Lady Gaia are among those who have put a spoke in the wheels of the three above mentioned, during this season, and will be even more fierce in this event.
Other outsiders will propose themselves in the fight at the top, going to compose an explosive mixture, in a category that gave a show and is unique in the context of national karting.

EXPERT. The defending champion Todeschini will defend the title from the assaults of the winner of the group Nord, Donadei, and from the protagonists of the group center, Bicciolo and Bertellini.
The Rok Cup Italia will mark the welcome return of a Rokker of the first hour, the very tanned Paolo Baselli.

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