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ROK Talk Show
04 May 2022

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Over 30,000 people reached with episode 4 of '22, dedicated to Round 3 of the Rok Cup Italia.

Great reception for the fourth episode of the 2022 season of the ROK Talk Show, the fixed post-race appointment of the ROK Cup Italia broadcast on our Facebook page last Thursday 28 April, at 9.00 pm with over 30,000 people reached (survey of 2 May 2022) through the official ROK Cup Italia Facebook page.

Many guests who populated our studio, representatives of all six categories (Mini ROK, Junior ROK, Senior ROK, Expert ROK, Super ROK and Shifter ROK). Thanks to them it was possible to relive the salient moments of Round 3 of Franciacorta, always under the competent management of Mara Sangiorgio, journalist of Sky Sport F1 and great kart enthusiast.

In addition to the action on the track, the ROK Talk Show gave space to the ROK GP, the engine by Vortex used in the Senior ROK, Expert ROK and Expert ROK Plus classes, but also compliant with the Junior ROK by simply equipping it with an exhaust restrictor: the perfect choice for those who want to tackle every step of karting, with the aim of containing costs, in the name of performance.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the ROK Talk Show is available online on our social platforms:



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