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ROK Talk Show: it’s about the 7th Round of the ROK Cup Italy
27 August 2023

The eighth episode of the ROK Talk Show 2023, the ROK Cup by Vortex after-race show, broadcast in first view on our Facebook page last Thursday, August 10, at 9pm, is now filed. The episode reserved to Round 7 of the ROK Cup Italy reached not less than 37,199 users (survey of August 18) through the social platform, confirming the great interest in the championship and in the karting world.

As always, many were the drivers attending the show, guests of the "hostess" Mara Sangiorgio (Sky Sport F1 journalist and great karting enthusiast), to analyze the race weekend at Franciacorta (BS) in every detail, also through the race reports of all six ROK Cup Italy categories (Mini ROK, Junior ROK, Senior ROK, Expert ROK, Super ROK and Shifter ROK).

After the excellent victory gained in Mini ROK, Julian Frasnelli unveils his championship ambitions, which will have to pass through a comeback against the current leader Angelo Pecoraro, on the occasion of the grand finale in Cremona. After an excellent run in the qualifying heats, Riccardo Repetto and Alessandro Giarratano explain their hitches in the Junior ROK final. In his first year in the Senior ROK category, Luca Perelli tells us the background of his weekend after coming close to the podium. Marco Beretta and Fabio Cretti, the 'senators' of Expert ROK, review their results throughout the year. Chiara Bolognini talks about her passion for racing and the path that led her to compete in Super ROK. Finally, Manuel Daziano is once again our guest to talk about his first success in Shifter ROK.

The complete episode 8 / 2023 of the ROK Talk Show is available free of charge on our online platforms:


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