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Sensational surprises in Val Vibrata in the qualifying rounds of the last round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship
Giovanni Mele
02 September 2019

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If the last round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in Val Vibrata could hold some surprises, here they are punctually arrived, thanks to the presence of some top drivers to better prepare for the next international events. Mirko Torsellini, Francesco Celenta and Giacomo Pollini in KZ2 with their impromptu participation have in fact immediately created some "little problems" for the protagonists of the Championship, who play Italian titles here, as well as Andrea Kimi Antonelli present in the X30 Junior.

In the meantime, we should also mention the excellent participation in this fifth round of the Tricolore, 196 drivers verified in the KZ2, 60 Mini, Iame X30 Junior, Iame X30 Senior, KZN Under and KZN Over categories. A confirmation of the excellent performance of this season ACI Karting after the 208 drivers of Castelletto di Branduzzo, 283 of Siena, 248 of Sarno and 188 of Adria, for a total of 1123 participations in 5 races, with an average race of 225 riders.

Mirko Torsellini on KR and Francesco Celenta on Praga created the most sensational surprises in the KZ2 qualifying tests, both with Iame engines and a difference of just 3 thousandths of a second in favor of Torsellini. Third time at the last breath for Giuseppe Palomba (BirelART-Tm) at 61 thousandths, fourth Giacomo Pollini (Formula K-Tm) at 76 thousandths, fifth Luigi Di Lorenzo (CRG-Tm) at 140 thousandths. The latter's teammate, Simone Cunati, leader of the championship, achieved the tenth fastest time, with the result that for Cunati this race will be all “uphill”, as for the other protagonist of the Championship, Francesco Iacovacci on Maranello Kart with the 12th time.

In 60 Mini the pole positions in the two groups went to Giovanni Trentin (Parolin-Tm) in 48.124 and Francesco Marenghi (Energy-Tm) in 48.379 respectively. However, championship leader William Macintyre (parolin-Tm) obtained the second time of group-1 in 48.176.

In the X30 Junior Andrea Antonelli (KR-Iame) arrived to create havoc, with his pole position in 44.185, in front of Team Driver Nikolas Pujatti's 3 thousandths and Joel Bergstrom at 28 thousandths. Fourth time for Michael Barbaro Paparo, also on KR-Iame with the Giugliano team, while championship leader Cristian Bertuca on BirelART achieved the fifth time.

In the X30 Senior Mattia Ingolfo on KR-Iame won his first pole position, while the leader-leader Edoardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart-Iame) had to settle for the fourth performance.

In the first group of the KZN Under it was Roberto Cesari (Top Kart-Tm) to achieve the pole position, ahead of the championship leader Alessio Mordini (Energy-Tm), while in the second group the fastest was the surprising Gian Marco Loddo ( CRG-Tm) before Filippo D'Attanasio (Formula K-Tm).

In KZN Over the championship leader Roberto Profico (Tony Kart-Tm) confirmed his speed with 69 thousandths of a second on Riccardo Loddo (CRG-Tm) and 114 thousandths on Riccardo Nalon (Parolin-Tm).

Saturday 31st August the qualifying heats will be held to define the starting grids in all categories for the first of the two finals on Sunday 1st September.

KZ2 ranking: 1. Cunati points 161; 2. Palomba 131; 3. Iacovacci 120; 4. Marseglia 100; 5. De Marco 82.
60 Mini Ranking: 1. Macintyre points 157; 2. Scognamiglio 156; 3. Powell 148; 4. Trentin 106; 5. Filaferro 90.
Iame X30 Senior Ranking: 1. Villa points 194; 2. Caglioni and Carenini 152; 4. Fornaroli 98; 5. Swallow 95.
Iame X30 Junior classification: 1. Bertuca points 184 2. Clean 124; 3. Gallo 111; 4. Paparo 110; 5. Pujatti 107.
KZN Under Classification: 1. Mordini points 102; 2. Caesars 86; 3. Pastorino 80; 4. Simonetti 72; 5. Tolfo 56.
KZN Over Ranking: 1. Profico points 118; 2. Torsellini 84; 3. Nalon 82; 4. Pagani 70; 5. Ruschioni 50.

All rankings on the site

In the pictures: 1) Mirko Torsellini, KZ2; 2) Andrea Antonelli, X30 Junior; 3) Roberto Profico, KZN Over.

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