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Siksnelis new Academy champion, Ho dominates in Lonato final
Max Bernardi
22 September 2019

Kajus Siksnelis continues his amazing run among Junior category as he now clinched the FIA Karting Academy Trophy title during the final round of the championship at Lonato, Italy. Siksinelis finished second enough to take the title while it was Christian Ho who dominated the final.

This morning we finally saw the dominators of the weekend, Christian Ho (Exprit/Vortex/B’stone) and Kajus Siksnelis (Exprit/Vortex/B’stone) facing each other in heat A-B. A heat that started with Robert De Haan (Exprit/Vortex/B’stone) leading but ultimately Ho and Siksnelis fought for the race victory that finished in Chirstian Ho hands. Filip Jenic (Exprit/Vortex/B’stone) took the victory in heat C-D.

Therefore, Christian Ho find himself in pole position for the final, ahead of Kajus Siksnelis, Robert De Haan and Maxwell Dodds (Exprit/Vortex/B’stone).

The final race was a dominant performance by Singaporean Christian Ho who dominated the final and was untouchable in the lead winning by 6 seconds.

But the race was behind the leader, as Siksnelis had a difficult start dropping to 5th, then he had to comeback from 5th to 2nd and bring some action to the front leaders.

Siksnelis managed to finish second after a close battle with Maxwell Dodds who finally completed the podium.

Final Results

PH: Sportinphoto

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