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The ACI Karting Coppa Italia titles assigned in Battipaglia
30 October 2022

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The 2022 champions are Tizzano (MINI Gr.3), Lombardo (KZ2), Noviello (60 Mini), Piccioni (KZN Under), Gagliardini (KZN Senior), Apicella (X30 Junior), Scognamiglio (X30 Senior).

The national titles of the 11th ACI Karting Coppa Italia were awarded on the Circuito del Sele in Battipaglia, at the end of an intense weekend that saw the participation of 122 drivers engaged in the KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN Under, KZN Senior, X30 Junior and X30 Senior categories.
The titles were won by Paolo Tizzano in MINI Gr.3, Angelo Lombardo in KZ2, Giuseppe Noviello in 60 Mini, Antonio Piccioni in KZN Under, Paolo Gagliardini in KZN Senior, Antonio Apicella in X30 Junior, Manuel Scognamiglio in X30 Senior.

MINI Gr.3 - Paolo Tizzano wins in MINI Gr.3 with a comeback.
After claiming pole position in qualifying and the best position at the end of the qualifying heats, Paolo Tizzano from Campania (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-Iame-MG) also wins in the Prefinal ahead of teammate Davide Mizzoni and Matteo Puglisi (Giusy Kart/KR-Iame).
The Final was hard fought, especially due to the not-so-happy departure of Paolo Tizzano who forced the driver from Campania to a comeback race until he regained the reins of the lead and ended up winning. Behind Tizzano were Tommaso Cristoforo (Energy-TM) and Davide Mizzoni. Antonio Guglietta (KR-Lke) and Marco Puma (Lenzokart-Lke) placed fourth and fifth.
MINI Gr.3 final standings:
1. Paolo Tizzano
2. Tommaso Cristoforo
3. Davide Mizzoni

KZ2 - Another Coppa Italia title for Angelo Lombardo in KZ2.
In the Prefinal of KZ2 the comeback of the Sicilian Angelo Lombardo (Parolin-TM-MG) continues, already winner of the Coppa Italia in 2018, who, after the technical problem during practice, managed to recover well in the heats to secure the best position and win the Prefinal. His biggest opponent is confirmed by Ferdinando D’Auria from Campania (KC Scafati/BirelART-TM), second in the Prefinal, author of the pole position and winner in heat-1, but also making a comeback for the retirement in the second heat. In the Prefinal a good third place for Giuseppe Fusco (Tony Kart-TM).
The Final is all in the name of Angelo Lombardo, who immediately took the lead and remained in the lead with a good advantage until the finish line. A great fight involved the other positions of the podium: in the end Giuseppe Fusco won the second place, while Ferdinando D'Auria, third on the finish line, received a 5-second penalty and slipped to fourth position, preceded by Giuseppe Rendina (KC Scafati/BirelART-TM), who thus climbed to the third step of the podium. Fifth was his teammate Giuseppe Ambrosio.
KZ2 final standings:
1. Angelo Lombardo
2. Giuseppe Fusco
3. Giuseppe Rendina

60 Mini - Giuseppe Noviello is the young champion of the 60 Mini.
Right from the start, quite a few protagonists were highlighted in the 60 Mini. In the qualifying practice it was Domenico Coco (Energy-TM-MG) who prevailed, while in the heats Giuseppe Noviello (Parolin-TM) took the spotlight. Confirming the alternation of candidates for victory, Giuseppe Piccolo (KR-TM) wins in the Prefinal ahead of Noviello and Matteo Bagnato (KR-TM), with Domenico Coco fourth.
In the Final Giuseppe Noviello immediately gains a good advantage and has no problem concluding with the victory with an advantage of almost 5 seconds. In the last laps, Christian Carratelli (TK Driver Academy/EKS-TM) manages to conquer the second position, finishing ahead of Giuseppe Piccolo. Edoardo Colucci (CMT/Parolin-TM) is fourth, Domenico Coco closes fifth. The 60 Mini is awarded by the mayor of Battipaglia, Dr. Cecilia Francese.
60 Mini final standings:
1. Giuseppe Noviello
2. Christian Carratelli
3. Giuseppe Piccolo

KZN Under - Antonio Piccioni won the Coppa Italia title too.
In KZN Under one name above all prevails from the beginning of the weekend in Battipaglia, it is that of the new Italian champion Antonio Piccioni (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM-LeCont). He had the best time in qualifying, completed by the en-plein of victories in the two heats and then by the victory in the Prefinal ahead of Nicola Imparato (CRG-TM) and Luigi Cioffi (Laudato Racing/BirelART-TM).
Antonio Piccioni gives some suspense to the Final, as at the start he is paraded by several rivals, and then produces himself in a series of overtakes to take the lead and therefore the final victory. For the second place Luigi Cioffi gets the better of Nicola Imparato. Mirko Merillo (KC Scafati/BirelART-TM) is fourth, Fabrizio Pietropaolo (IPK Official Racing/IPK-TM) fifth.
KZN Under final standings:
1. Antonio Piccioni
2. Luigi Cioffi
3. Nicola Imparato

KZN Senior - The KZN Senior goes to Paolo Gagliardini.
Several drivers are fighting for success also in KZN Senior. After the best time in practice by Angelo De Santis (Maranello-TM-LeCont), in the two heats Paolo Gagliardini (BirelART-TM-LeCont) wins with two victories. Pasquale Feola (Drago-Tm) was the first to cross the finish line of the Prefinal, but after the race he was relegated to fourth position for a 5-second penalty. The victory passes into the hands of Gionata De Mezza (Smile Race/TK-TM), ahead of Gagliardini and Roberto Fucile (The Ant Pilots/Parolin-TM).
The KZN Senior Final was somewhat fought. Paolo Gagliardini takes the lead in the middle of the race, while behind the fight is tight for second place. Pasquale Feola and Gionata De Mezza make contact and it is De Mezza who has to retire, but also Feola suffers, as he is penalized by 15 seconds and loses second place. The second position is therefore of Roberto Fucile, the third of Angelo De Santis (Maranello-TM). Fourth is Roberto Perri (BirelART-TM), fifth Emanuele Villani (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM).
KZN Senior final standings:
1. Paolo Gagliardini
2. Roberto Fucile
3. Angelo De Santis

X30 Junior - Domination of Antonio Apicella in X30 Junior.
A confirmation of great competitiveness on his home track is offered by Antonio Apicella (KR-Iame-Levanto), the new Italian champion, who after the best time in practice and the victory in the two heats also obtains success in the Prefinal, leaving at a distance of security a nice group of opponents. Behind him in the Prefinal is Mario Fontana (KR-Iame) at the end of a good race ended in front of Stefano Pedani (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-Iame), Mattia D'Erme (MD/Tony Kart-Iame) and Luca Esposito (Parolin-Iame).
In the Final, Antonio Apicella loses a few positions at the start, but immediately recovers and confirms himself as the dominator of the category. The second position goes to Stefano Pedani, while for the third place Angelo D’Ortensio (IPK-Iame) wins over Christian Petillo. Antonio Parlapiano (Tony Kart-Iame) concludes the race in fifth position.
X30 Junior final standings:
1. Antonio Apicella
2. Stefano Pedani
3. Angelo D’Ortensio

X30 Senior - Manuel Scognamiglio's supremacy in the X30 Senior.
Another driver from Campania prevails since the beginning of the weekend, in the X30 Senior it is Manuel Scognamiglio (T Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame-Levanto) who stands out with the pole position in qualifying and the victory in the two heats. Scognamiglio also dominates the Prefinal, crossing the finish line with a good margin on Raffaele Gradito (Gradito Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame) and on the two T Motorsport teammates, Liberato Milano and Luigi Cozzolino.
The supremacy of Manuel Scognamiglio also continues in the Final of the X30 Senior, with the final victory over teammate Luigi Cozzolino, over Raffaele Gradito and Liberato Milano, the other T Motorsport driver who finishes in fourth place with a drag race, while Francesco Pio Scognamiglio finishes in fifth place.
Final X30 Senior classification:
1. Manuel Scognamiglio
2. Luigi Cozzolino
3. Raffaele Gradito

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