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The fifth round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship ended in Sarno with great numbers and an excellent show
23 June 2021

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The Italian title in OK was awarded to Alfio Andrea Spina, in OKJ to the Russian Kirill Dzitiev. The victories obtained in the other 7 categories engaged in Sarno were also amazing.

The fifth round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship ended in a great way, in a whirlwind of races that inflamed and characterised this intense summer appointment of the Tricolore on the Circuito Internazionale Napoli of Sarno (Salerno). Important numbers of participants, 290 drivers out of the nearly 300 registered from 36 nations who competed in 9 categories, 18 finals, 29 eliminatory heats and 4 repechages. On the track the categories 60 Mini, MINI Gr.3, OK, OK-Junior, X30 Junior, X30 Senior, KZN Junior, KZN Under, KZN Over.

Italian champions Spina in OK and Dzitiev in OKJ.
The event was also valid as a single round reserved for the OK and OK-Junior categories for the assignment of the Italian title. The Sicilian Alfio Andrea Spina won the Italian ACI Karting Championship in OK, competing with Parolin Motorsport on Parolin-TM, while the title in OK-Junior went to the Russian Kirill Dzitiev, Team Driver driver, on KR-Iame. On the podium of OK in second and third place were Valerio Rinicella (Parolin Motorsport / Parolin-TM) and the Russian Artem Severiukhin (Ward Racing / Tony Kart-Vortex), with Cristian Bertuca (BirelART-TM) fourth after a penalty of 10 seconds that took away the victory in the pre-final. In OKJ the second and third positions went to the two Russian drivers of Ward Racing, Maximilian Popov and Kostantin Krapin.

60 Mini for Giusto and Sulpizio.
In 60 Mini in race-1 Giacomo Giusto (Revolution / Energy-TM) scored the success on Nico Carfagna (CMT / Parolin-TM) and Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (TK Kart / EKS-TM), with the leader of the classification Gino Rocchio (Team Driver / KR-TM) in fourth place. In race-2 Edoardo Mario Sulpizio managed to prevail, with Gabriel Mabilia (T Motorsport / Parolin-TM) in second place and Nico Carfagna in third. The same protagonists also got on the podium for the Under 10 award ceremony.

Costoya and Orjuela share the successes in the MINI Gr.3.
Great success for the Spaniard Christian Costoya in race-1 in the MINI Gr.3, the largest category with 77 drivers. Costoya preceded the leader of the standings, the Czech Jindrich Pesl (BabyRace / Parolin-Iame), and the Ukrainian Yaremy Oleksiy (Formula K Serafini / IPK-TM), and also attempted an encore in race-2 without meeting the same luck. In fact, in race-2 it was his team-mate, Colombian Matias Orjuela, who prevailed on the finish with 52 thousandths of a second over a rather disappointed Costoya. In race-2 Jindrich Pesl finished third.

X30 Junior for Pavan in race-1 and Marenghi in race-2.
In X30 Junior in race-1 at the end of a great comeback Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver / KR-Iame) managed to win over the Dutch René Lammers (BabyRace / Parolin-Iame), while Pavan's teammate Antonio Apicella finished third. In race-2 triumph for the Team Driver colours, with Francesco Marenghi who managed to get the better of the two teammates Sebastiano Pavan and Matteo De Palo.

Carenini and Scognamiglio excellent interpreters of the X30 Senior.
In X30 Senior the leader of the classification Danny Carenini (Autoeuropeo / Tony Kart-Iame) has a nice victory in race-1 ahead of Manuel Scognamiglio (Gamoto / Tony Kart-Iame) and Jacopo Giuseppe Cimenes (CMT / Tony Kart-Iame), while in race-2 it was Manuel Scognamiglio who achieved a splendid success crossing the line in front of Jacopo Giuseppe Cimenes and Vincenzo Scarpetta (Team Driver / KR-Iame). Here Carenini finished fourth.

In KZN Junior David wins race-1 and Pelosi wins race-2.
In KZN Junior the Sicilian Gandolfo David (Intrepid-TM) took the satisfaction of winning the first final on his debut in the championship, winning over Marco Settimo (GM Motorsport / BirelART-TM) and Denis Tuia (VZeta / BirelART-TM). In race 2, instead, Leonardo Pelosi (Maranello-TM) won, already the winner in the last race in Val Vibrata. Here again on the podium Gandolfo David with second place while Federico Fasano (TK Kart / TK-TM) finished third.

In KZN Under good victories for Piccioni and Tilloca.
In KZN Under it was Antonio Piccioni (TK Kart / TK-TM) who took a nice victory after a duel with Emanuele Simonetti (Parolin-TM), while Alessandro Cavina (SC Perfomance / Tony Kart-Vortex) finished more detached in third place. In race-2 Luca Tilloca (BirelART-TM) came to the fore with the victory over Antonio Piccioni and Irnerio Cittadini (BirelART-TM) who took over from third place due to a penalty from Emanuele Simonetti.

Profico leader in KZN Over with the victory in race-1. Feola wins race-2.
In KZN Over Roberto Profico (SC Perfomance / Tony Kart-TM) confirmed himself as the leader of the category, repeating the success he had achieved also in Val Vibrata. In race-1 Profico preceded Andrea Spagni (Modena Kart / BirelART-TM) and Pasquale Feola (BirelART-TM). In race 2, Pasquale Feola got the better of Sebastiano De Matteo and Cristian Griggio (Drake / KR-TM).

All the results from Sarno:

The next appointments of the Italian ACI Karting 2021 Championship.
6th round - 4th July, La Conca: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, IAME X30 Junior and Senior categories.
7th round - 29 August, Battipaglia: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Mini, KZN Junior Under Over categories.

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