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The final challenges of the karting IAME Series Italy begin in Castrezzato (BS)
22 June 2023

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Third to last appointment on the calendar in Castrezzato: race for the final victory in the one-make karting championship of the IAME Series Italy, in the sixth stage at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato (BS) on June 23 and 24. Open challenge to classification leaders Jesse Phillips (GB) in X30 Mini, Tiziano Kuzhnini (CH) in X30 Junior, Manuel Scognamiglio (I) in X30 Senior, Diego D'Agostino (I) in X30 Master Gentlemen, Luca Sgualdino (I) in X30 Master Pro, Alessandro Cocozza (I) in KA100 Jr and Eric Gervasi (I) in KA100 Sr. Live from YouTube channel IAME Series Italy for all the races in Franciacorta.

We are heading towards the sprint finish in the IAME Series Italy, the one-make karting series which will have its third to last round of the season at the Franciacorta Karting Track on the weekend of Friday, June 23, and Saturday, June 24. After having already been the scene of the opening stage of 2023 this year, the Castrezzato (BS) track is ready to host the return of the IAME series in the national North-East area, returning from crossing the peninsula which pushed, two weeks ago, up to the circuit of Sarno (SA). The Campania circuit, in the appointment that started the second half of the calendar, brought about some changes in the classifications, in which there are many drivers preparing for the decisive challenges for the final victory, expected in Franciacorta. The next race weekend could therefore prove to be fundamental in view of the conclusion of the IAME calendar, which from Castrezzato will bring its drivers to play it all on the Lonato del Garda circuit, where the last two appointments will be held in July and September respectively. Heated moments of racing are being prepared, not to be missed in the live streaming which, as in every appointment, will be active on the day of the Finals on Saturday, June 24, from the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

Challenging Jesse Phillips in X30 Mini
Among the drivers in the running for the final success is Jesse Phillips (Fusion Motorsport), the driver in command of the X30 Mini, a category that saw the winner of the Sarno round in the young Briton, his third stage success so far. Phillips, who has reached 397 points, is kept in the eye by the two Team Driver Racing Kart mates Valerio Viapiana, who together with the victory conquered in Jesolo has accumulated 279.5 points, and Francois Dario Kerdal, who follows third by only half a point detachment: a gap from the leader that becomes relative, in consideration of the points still in play in the three remaining stages. In the very young category, another strong driver is Jorge Edgar, Phillips' compatriot and teammate, with whom he contested the victory in Sarno right up to the last metres. Edgar, fourth in the standings with 227 points, remains among the main favorites together with Samuele Cecchetto (M. Cecchetto), who follows with 212.5 points.

Kuzhnini new leader in X30 Junior
A range of drivers climbed to the top of the podium in the X30 Junior Finals held so far. After the success of the Irishman Jack Buckley (D. Buckley), one race each went to Roberto Castellozzi (TB Kart Racing Team), Riccardo Ferrari from Reggio (M2 Racing) and the Swiss Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart) , who thanks to his recent victory in Sarno has taken the lead in the provisional standings with 341.5 points. But only three points separate the new leader from Castellozzi, who follows in second place ahead of Ferrari, third at an altitude of 318.5. And not far away is Buckley, who, having missed one race, is fourth with 249.5 points ahead of Mattia D'Erme (MDR KT), who has 193. The gaps in this category are very limited, announcing for Franciacorta a really close fight at the top.

Scognamiglio takes the lead again in X30 Senior
Equally unpredictable is the X30 Senior, a category that has had 5 different winners: starting with Andrea Barbieri (TB Kart Racing Team), first in the debut stage in Franciacorta, followed by the success of Manuel Scognamiglio (T Motorsport) in Cremona, then the victory of Andrea Pirovano (TB Kart Racing Team) at the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV), then David Locatelli (D. Locatelli) in Jesolo and finally Andrea Carraro (M2 Racing), winner on his seasonal debut in the IAME Series Italy in Sarno. When constant results count, alongside the victories, it is Scognamiglio who asserts the placings that raise him to the lead of the provisional standings with 262.5 points, ahead of Barbieri with 239.5. Thanks to important results, it is Cristian Biasatti who installs himself in third place with 189.5 points, by a narrow margin ahead of the French Arnaud Malizia (both from the TB Kart Racing Team), who follows at 169.5, and Giulio Olivieri (M2 Racing), very close with 165 points.

X30 Master, D'Agostino on the run among the Gentlemen, Sgualdino leader in Pro
On the run in the X30 Master class is Diego D'Agostino (TK Driver Academy) from Caserta, who with three wins is first in the Gentlemen category ahead of the Irishman Richard Faulkner (R. Faulkner), for 357.75 points to 210. The Greek Dimitrios Papanastasiou (Zanchi Motorsport) is the protagonist in crescendo, regular in the results that take him to third place with 184 points, ahead of Gianni Zani (G. Zani) who has 178. Competing for success with D'Agostino, in addition to Faulkner who won in Castelletto, is Andrea Scanferla (A. Scanferla), who in turn won in Jesolo: a result that places the Paduan driver in fifth place, with 150.5 points. In the Pro category Luca Sgualdino (OK1 Racing Team) prevails with three wins and 168.25 points, ahead of Nicholas Volpato (N. Volpato) who is chasing at 79.75. Third, fresh from the good result in Sarno, is Andrea De Stefanis (A. De Stefanis) from Cosenza, who has risen to 62.25 points. Following are Alessandro Granelli (A. Granelli) with 48.5 points and, on equal merit, the French Eric Chapon (E. Chapon) with the Irish Michael Boland (M. Boland) at 37.5.

Challenging Alessandro Cocozza in KA100 Junior, with Eric Gervasi leader of the Senior
Matteo Melis (TB Kart Racing Team) made a leap forward in the Junior category in the KA 100, who with the victory obtained in Sarno is close to the classification leader Alessandro Cocozza (A. Cocozza) with 221.5 points, in command with 236.5 points. Overtaken by Melis, Nicholas De Maria (S. De Maria) drops to third place, despite remaining close to the top with his 217.75 points. There is also a struggle in the subsequent positions, with Pietro Mondin (S. Mondin) who, having climbed to 122.25 points after the Final in Sarno, now threatens Alessandro Battini (F. Battini), fourth at 131.5. In the Senior category, the leader is Eric Gervasi (M. Gervasi) with 117.25 points, ahead of Lorenzo Comuzzi (F. Comuzzi) who has 59 and Viola Germano (J Team) who is third, with 53.75. Fourth follows Mattia Furlan (M. Furlan) with 53.25 points, ahead of the French Nicolas Bronzi (N. Bronzi), fifth at an altitude of 41.5.

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