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The great night of IAME karting in Lonato (BS) concluded
15 August 2023

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The IAME Series Italy successfully closed its event by night at the South Garda Karting in Lonato (BS), celebrating in the Finals the victory of Cristofor Cosma (RO) in X30 Mini, Tiziano Kuzhnini (CH) in X30 Junior, Rafael Perard (F) in X30 Senior, Eric Chapon (F) in X30 Master Pro, Tino Donadei (I) in X30 Master Gentlemen, Ewan Carrot (F) in KA100 Jr and Eric Gervasi (I) in KA100 Sr. And now, waiting for the final finish line in Lonato, on September 10.
All South Garda Karting races available on the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

The night brought news to the IAME Series Italy, at its penultimate round of the season at the South Garda Karting in Lonato (BS). Last weekend, the Brescia circuit hosted the summer night event of the single-make series, which took place in the light of the moon on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 and illuminated by the lighting system of the Brescia circuit. Occasion in which, in the patrol of the 200 international pilots who took part, particularly heated fights were highlighted on the track. Also because, with one race to go, defining the situation in the races in the standings becomes a particularly urgent matter for the drivers in each category. We will talk about it again in Lonato, in the eighth and final stage on the calendar on the weekend of 10 September.

At the by night event of the IAME brand, as well as on previous occasions, there was no lack of illustrious presences from Motorsport from all over the world, such as the Brazilian driver Antonio Pizzonia, a former F.1 driver with Jaguar and Williams, who chose IAME Series Italy to train his young son Neto Antonio, who raced in the X30 Mini class. Also present was the multiple karting world champion Jonathan Thonon, who intervened as coach of other young drivers. The international value of the IAME weekend in Lonato was highlighted by the 27 national flags that the drivers in the race represented, coming from each of the 5 continents. All of this, taken up in the nightly live streaming, which remains available for viewing on the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

Cristofor Cosma uncatchable in X30 Mini
In the X30 Mini class, this time it was the Romanian Cristofor Cosma (Team Driver Racing Kart) who dictated the law, establishing himself as the strongest opponent also for the classification leader Jesse Phillips (Fusion Motosport). Cosma beat the English driver right from the qualifying heats, before making himself uncatchable by everyone, completely dominating the Final. But Phillips was also heavily challenged by other riders, such as the Bulgarian Lyuboslav Ruykov, who stole second position from him at the start. And Valerio Viapiana (both of the Team Driver Racing Kart) also had his say, climbing up to undermine his teammate to temporarily occupy second place. Only halfway through the race was Phillips able to reassemble both, definitively installing himself behind Cosma, who set off for the well-deserved victory. Viapiana instead missed the podium, finishing in fourth place behind Ruykov. But he consoled himself by winning the Under 10 classification, on whose podium the driver from the United Arab Emirates Leonidas Peruzzi (Fusion Motorsport) shone, fifth overall and second among the very young. Third Under 10 was the Polish Remigiusz Samczyk (Kidix), who stood out for having climbed up to sixth place from the 12th position occupied in the first lap. In the X30 Mini standings, Phillips remains in the lead with 489 points, ahead of Viapiana who rises to 357.5. Less satisfied is Francois Dario Kerdal (Team Driver Racing Kart), who started well in the night in Lonato but slipped to 7th place in the final tussle: the Swiss driver is third in the standings, with 328 points. Instead, Ruykov is approaching the top, who with 194 points climbs to sixth place behind Jorge Edgar and Samuele Cecchetto.

Tiziano Kuzhnini fights and wins in X30 Junior
More "lit" than the lighting on the Lonato circuit was the battle in X30 Junior, at the end of which the Swiss Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart) prevailed, who had to deal with at least other 5 strong contenders. Riccardo Ferrari (M2 Racing) from Reggio was the first to try, taking the lead at the start before being ousted in a few laps by Kuzhnini. However, the young Swiss had to deal with Roberto Castellozzi (TB Kart Racing Team), who replaced him in the lead for just one lap, having to immediately give the lead to Filippo Pancotti (Team Driver Racing Kart), who made a strong comeback from fifth position occupied in the first lap. The Irish brothers Jack and Tadgh Buckley (both under the banner of D. Buckley) were also close to the lead, battling with the Swiss Kais Aziza (Team Driver Racing Kart) to unleash the decisive race for the podium. Not to mention the Panamanian Gianmatteo Rousseau (Team Driver Racing Kart), unleashed in a comeback after starting from the eleventh row. But a few laps from the end Kuzhnini re-emerged and together with Castellozzi overtook Pancotti. The latter progressively retreated, when Ferrari and Aziza accelerated which led them, in order, to finish on the podium behind the now distant winner Kuzhnini. Rousseau was also excellent, crowning his recovery by winning fourth place, ahead of Castellozzi and Jack Buckley. Following Alessandro Cocozza (A. Cocozza), who preceded Pancotti and Tadgh Buckley in 7th place. The French Angelina Proenca (F. Proenca) prevailed in the Lady IAME Series standings, after the Danish Alba Sophia Larsen (Autoeuropeo Motorsport), penalized for the position of the non-compliant front fairing, slipped to second place. The Turkish driver Leyla Sulyak of the Team Driver Racing Kart concluded in third position, the same team that had Mattia Padoan awarded among the 11-year-old drivers. In the X30 Junior standings, Kuzhnini leads with 423.5 points, maintaining a margin that Castellozzi and Ferrari, second and third with 406.5 and 403.5 points, have the chance to recover in the final round on 10 September.

Rafael Perard sings the anthem in X30 Senior
In the X30 Senior Final, the Brescian Luca Bettoni (Zanchi Motorsport) believed in it almost to the end that he could win the race, despite the repeated attacks by Rafael Perard (P. Perard), to whom he was able to answer up to two thirds away. Finally, the Frenchman started with the decisive overtaking, which projected him towards victory, leaving Bettoni to fend off the pressure of four other opponents behind him, with Manuel Scognamiglio from Campania (T Motorsport) in the lead. It was the latter who was the first to pass, then approaching Perard to attempt the attack. Giacomo Maman (TB Kart Racing Team) then intervened to undermine Bettoni, very skilled in recovering from the middle of the grid until he won the duel for third place, conquered behind Scognamiglio and the winner Perard. Following Maman, during another unstoppable comeback, was Guy Albag (Team Driver Racing Kart), who started from 15th and climbed up to fourth place. Only in the final stages was the Israeli driver overtaken by Cristian Comanducci (PRK ASD), honorably finishing fifth ahead of Bettoni. The X30 Senior classification is commanded by a wide margin by Scognamiglio with 358.5 points, while Andrea Barbieri (TB Kart Racing Team), who finished 12th in Lonato after coming up from the back of the grid, follows with 257.5. Perard rises to third place, who thanks to the last victory is close to the top with 226 points.

Eric Chapon shoves everyone and wins in X30 Master
Tino Donadei is the best in the Gentlemen category
The Frenchman Eric Chapon (E. Chapon) had to work hard to win the Final of the X30 Master. The race now seemed to be in the hands of the Greek Stefanos Kamitsakis (GSR Team), who led the lead until two laps from the end, when he was caught up by the pack of pursuers behind him, commanded by Luca Sgualdino (OK1 Racing Team). . The latter, penalized by 10" for irregularities in the line-up at the start, attempted a difficult recovery trying to overtake the leader. In the brawl that ensued, the one who took advantage of it was Chapon, quick to slip into the first gap left open by the two contenders and move away from the two. After which the entire line-up formed a compact group, open to any classification outcome. So it went well for Kamitsakis, who in this difficult situation managed at least to get out ahead, to finish second behind the now distant Chapon. Andrea Coltro (A. Coltro) also did well, in turn slipping out of the fray in third place at the finish line, to compose the podium in the Pro category with the two opponents who preceded him. The tussle of the last two laps also rewarded Tino Donadei ( T. Donadei), fourth in the race ahead of the German Marco Pislor (RS Motorsport) and winner of the Gentlemen category. In this last ranking, the Polish Adrian Marcinkiewicz (ACR) and the Irish Richard Faulkner (R. Faulkner) also shone, sixth and seventh at the finish line and both on the podium of the Gentlemen, behind Donadei. The X30 Master Pro classification sees Sgualdino in the lead with 243.75 points, followed by Nicholas Volpato (N. Volpato), who, finishing in the Final in 10th place, rises to 141.25 points. Third is Chapon, at an altitude of 112.5 after the victory at South Garda. Diego D'Agostino from Caserta remains the leader in X30 Gentlemen with 440.75 points, ahead of Faulkner who rises to 297 with 3rd place in Lonato. Third with 226 points is the Greek Dimitrios Papanastasiou (Zanchi Motorsport), eighth in the Final behind Faulkner.

Ewan Carrott takes flight and wins in KA100 Junior
Eric Gervasi commands in Senior
The large French patrol present in Lonato often sang the notes of the Marseillaise in front of the podium, until the last race which, as midnight approached on Saturday, concluded the program with the dispute of the KA100 Final. In this case, Ewan Carrot (J. Carrot) took the first step, dominating since the official practice and undisputed leader in the race, leading from the first to the last lap. Behind the French, Matteo Melis (TB Kart Racing Team) achieved a difficult second place, who had to recover after finishing the Prefinal in sixth position. This time Melis's usual adversary, Alessandro Cocozza (A. Cocozza), had to give up finishing third, after having remained behind Carrot in the first part of the race. Remaining in close contact with the two riders who finished on the podium, Rodolfo Cambiaso (G. Cambiaso) finally crossed the finish line in fourth place, ahead of Simone Donchi (M. Zanini) and the French Mathieu Mortreux (F. Mortreux). The KA 100 Junior classification remains commanded by Cocozza, who has risen to 364.5 points against 349.25 by Melis, who follows him in second place ahead of Nicholas De Maria, stopped at 249.75. In the KA100 Senior Eric Gervasi (M. Gervasi) has no rivals after winning the category in Lonato and rising to 182.25 points ahead of Viola Germano (86.25), Mattia Furlan (78.25) and Maxime Mortreux (65).

Press Release © IAME Series Italy

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