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The hall of fame of the Andrea Margutti Trophy is getting richer and richer
17 May 2021

A lot of prestigious names are featured in the Andrea Margutti Trophy that has just ended its 32nd edition.

The hall of fame of the Andrea Margutti Trophy, that has recently run its 32nd edition at the South Garda Karting Circuit in Lonato, has been extended with four new champions: the Dutch Senna Van Walstijn, who won the Trophy in KZ2, the Italian Emanuele Olivieri in MINI, the Dutch René Lammers in X30 Junior and another Italian, Cristian Comanducci, in X30 Senior. This has been the second victory in a row for the two Dutch drivers: Senna Van Walstijn won in fact the past two editions of KZ2, while René Lammers won edition 2020 in MINI and did the same in the higher X30 Junior in 2021.

Fisichella is the first winner of the Andrea Margutti Trophy in 1990.
The Andrea Margutti Trophy started in 1990 to remember the young promise of karting Andrea Margutti that prematurely passed away in 1989. The prestige of this trophy is evident since the beginning, as its first winner, back in 1990, was Giancarlo Fisichella who had the upper hand in 100 ICA. The Italian driver later on continued his path reaching Formula 1, but before then he won the Margutti Trophy also in 100 Formula A in 1991, in 100 ICA in 1992, and finally in 100 Formula A in 1994.

Sophie Kumpen also among the winners.
Among the main protagonists of the Andrea Margutti Trophy, the Belgian Sophie Kumpen won Formula A in 1995. This name might not mean a lot to the youngest fans, but if we specify that Sophie Kumpen, back then Jos Verstappen’s wife, is the mother of Max Verstappen, then things get clearer, and say a lot about what is in Max Verstappen’s DNA. Among the other winners that got to the top of the motorsport ladder, the Pole Robert Kubica won 100 Junior in 1999, Tony Vilander 100 Formula A in 2000, and the Russian Daniil Kvyat KF3 in 2009.

The World Champions that won the Andrea Margutti Trophy.
Among the Karting World Champions that won the Andrea Margutti Trophy, Alessandro Manetti won FA in 1996, Jeremy Iglesias 100 ICA in 2002, Olivier Oakes 100 ICA in 2003, Marco Ardigò 100 FA in 2006, Alessio Lorandi MINI in 2010, KF in 2014 and KZ2 in 2018, Davide Forè KZ2 in 2015.

The most successful drivers at the Andrea Margutti Trophy.
4 wins: Giancarlo Fisichella, 1990-1991-1992-1994.
3 wins: Sauro Cesetti, 1993-1999-2001.
3 wins: Alessio Lorandi, 2010-2014-2018.
2 wins: Edoardo Ludovico Villa, 2019-2020.
2 wins: Senna Van Walstijn, 2020-2021.
2 wins: René Lammers, 2020-2021.

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