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The new category dedicated to children under 8
04 February 2021

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Birel ART, promoter of the Easykart reality, is pleased to announce the introduction of "Easykart 60 Academy", the new competitive category dedicated to drivers between six and eight years of age and in possession of an E.

The new class is added to the existing ones and represents the missing link between Easytraining - a project that will not only be confirmed, but also implemented with the support of Karting School Birel ART - and Easykart 60 (from nine years of age).
A great growth opportunity, therefore, for baby pilots!

After being introduced to the world of go-karting with the theoretical lessons and simulations of Easytraining, the pilots will be able to make the leap in category and finally compete on the track with real competitions under the watchful eye of the heads of the Birel ART Racing racing department.
The Red Army professionals will not only support the new program, but will monitor the competition and identify the most talented and deserving drivers to continue their path in the world of karting.

Drivers will be able to compete with the same vehicles used in the Easykart 60 and with BMB EKL 60 - ACADEMY engine (with a fixed ratio Z11-Z82). The coil / control unit will be limited to 11,000 rpm, the exhaust manifold will be EKL-ACADEMY with internal bushing, the pinion will be Z11 and the carburetor spacer will be in red anodized aluminum Ø 14.
The new engines and related upgrade kits are already available for purchase at Easykart dealers.

Thanks to this formula, the protagonists of the Academy will then be able to continue their journey in the next class with only the engine update, thus sustaining a low purchase and maintenance cost - a feature that has always distinguished the true spirit of Easykart reality.

Easykart 60 Academy represents only the latest of the many innovations of recent seasons: from the introduction of the Easykart 125 Senior category and its Academy (reserved for over 40s), the debut of the Junior Shifter (dedicated to drivers aged 12 to 15, born with the intent to prepare them to compete in KZ and to move to single-seater competitions), until the return of the BMB Challenge and the establishment of a virtual go-kart championship during the lockdown last spring.

Pending the signature by ACI Sport on the technical and sporting regulations, which will be published shortly, the steps towards the 2021 season continue with the publication on social media of video interviews, both professional and entertaining, made with the protagonists of our paddock last season, but still unreleased.

Stay safe, stay tuned… and keep thinking Easy!

Press Release © Easykart

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