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Top performances for Vortex at the KZ FIA Karting World Championship
22 September 2023

In its first appearance in the world championship reserved for the master class of the shifter karts, the VTZ engine comes close to the pole by 25 thousandths of a second with Tom Leuillet of the Tony Kart Racing Team. Unfortunately, an accident at the starting grid of the final at Wackersdorf, Germany, puts the French driver, who was running for the title, out.

KZ – The German event soon starts positively for the new VTZ engines, with Tom Leuillet (Tony Kart Racing Team) setting the second best time in Group 1 (25 thousandths of a second from the overall pole position) and Luigi Coluccio (Tony Kart Racing Team) recording the third fastest time in Group 2. In addition to both the French driver and the Italian one, it is Lorenzo Camplese (Tony Kart Racing Team) who takes a place in the Top 10 of the qualifying heats. In the next heats, on the other hand, our VTZ engines record a victory, a third place and two fastest laps, next to a place of honour in Super Heat A on Sunday morning.

The final sees Leuillet starting from the third row, ready to play his cards for victory, but the French driver is the innocent victim of an accident after a few corners, an episode that heavily conditions the outcome of the race. Camplese thus inherits the role of first Vortex driver from his teammate and is already in fifth position at the end of the second lap. Thanks to a shrewd and error-free performance, the Italian is able to hit the Top 5 at the end of the 26 laps scheduled, while Coluccio climbs the rankings by six positions and finishes among the top ten. Marijn Kremers (Patrizicorse) steadily occupies the sixth place in the middle stages of the race, until he has to raise the white flag two laps from the end.

KZ2 - 118 are the drivers attending the FIA Karting World Cup reserved for the cadet category of the shifter karts. Norton Andreasson (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Alexander Schmitz (Alexander Schmitz) are our best performers during the qualifying heats: both of them practically always hit the Top 10, obtaining a fourth and a fifth place as best results on their scoreboard, respectively. The two drivers are also able to stage two solid comebacks in Super Heat A, with Andreasson sixth (+8 places) and Schmitz seventh (+6).

In Sunday afternoon's final too, Andreasson performs a good comeback of nine places in the ranking, finishing the race just outside the Top 10. Instead, a stop prevents Schmitz from achieving a good result on his home circuit.

KZ2 Masters - Second edition of the FIA Karting International Masters Super Cup, reserved for Over 35 drivers in KZ2. With a second place as best finish in the eliminatory heats and a total of three Top 5 places, Andre Nicastro (Tony Kart Racing Team) is fourth in Saturday's intermediate ranking and also achieves a podium in Super Heat B. However, a collision in the final forces the Brazilian to stop. In the decisive race, Roberto Profico (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Rasmus Haugard (Tony Kart Racing Team) show off, achieving a top ten finish. At the starting grid of the final we also find Claude Bal (Claude Bal Racing Team) and Victor Jimenez (Tony Kart Racing Team).

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