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Trofeo "vega 2019" road to Campionato Italiano Karting rd. 3
01 July 2019

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The Vega Trophy in Sarno, at the Circuito Internazionale Napoli, was the preparatory race in view of the third round of the Italian Karting Championship of the circuit in next weekend of 7 July.

The track conditions were characterized by high temperatures, an important element in the preparation of the vehicles for the next mentioned race, given that the forecasts speak of a continuation of the summer heat.

The pilots who gained access to the competition activities, the verified ones, were 78 and the Race Direction proceeded to divide them into 8 classes considering also the merged classes. The Vega Trophy 2019 also had the Rotax motorized classes as its side event.

In qualifying, they took pole position: the Greek K. Komninos with 1.00.43 in the X30 Senior and J. Cimenese with 1.01.167 in the X30 Junior. In 60ccMini, stop the chronometer on 1.06.730 P. Tizzano (Parolin / Tm); in the 125 KZ2, best time for super Davide Forè on the chassis of the Taglienti, now TK, motorized Tm. The time trial was 56.438. In the extraordinary Entry Level, pole for N. Carfagna (BirelArt / Lke) with 1.15.523. Then the 125cc KZN classes with P. Gagliardini (FormulaK / Tm - Over) and his 57.903 and for R. Cesari (TopKart / Tm - Under) with 57.206. For the 125cc AM pole position again for M. Moretti (TonyKart / Tm) with 58.066. Then the Rotax, with F. Palladino of the DD2 with 59.595, D. Welcome of the MAX with 1.01.994 and with K. German of the Junior scoring 1.02.289.

Prefinal and Final as a race for the classes and drivers involved in the "Vega 2019". Eight then the merged classes.

In the first race, success for F. Lulli in the merged X30 Senior + Junior class; for N. Migliorino (EvoKart / Tm) in 60ccMini; for M. Massetani (Crg / Tm) in KZ2; for F. Sala (TK / Lke) in the Entry Level; for P. Gagliardini in the KZN Over + 125 AM; for R. Cesari (TopKart / Tm) in the KZN Under.

Chapter 1 or pre-final Rotax with the victory V. Scarpetta in the merged Junior + Max and for F. Palladino in the DD2.

Finals or race 2 with hot temperatures. Of the 8 classes on the track, 6 played 14 laps, one 9 and one last 7. The successful roundup as scheduled: In the Iame X30, victory for the Greek K. Komninos (senior); N. Migliorino wins the Vega 2019 in the 60cc MINI class; Davide Forè, on the TK thrillers, won the KZ2; the baby bishop of TK, F. Sala, wins in the Entry Level; C. Griggio (Maranello / Tm) is the winner of the KZN Over and a lot of hat to M. Moretti (125 AM); KZN Under the fan favorite F. Bifulco (TonyKart / Tm). Rotax classes go to F. Palladino with the colors of Laudato Racing in DD2, to D. Welcome to the Max and K. German in the Junior.

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