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Vortex conquers the “Champions of the Future” 2022
05 July 2022

At the Franciacorta Karting Track, scene of the last round of the Euro Series, our engines are the absolute protagonists, thanks to the championship success of the DST unit (with Joseph Turney, in the OK class) and the victory of the DJT in the final (with Kirill Dzitiev, in the OKJ category).

OK – Our DST engine introduces itself at the Franciacorta circuit as the engine to beat in the master class of single-gear karts. In fact, Luigi Coluccio (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Joseph Turney (Tony Kart Racing Team) take the first two positions in the general classification. Already in the qualifying heats, the British driver sets the best time in Group 3 and finishes third in the provisional ranking. Considerable success for Vortex in the qualifying heats, too: 8 victories and 6 fastest laps. In total, throughout the championship, Vortex collects a record booty of 30 wins and 30 fastest laps in the qualifying heats (out of 60 total heats run).

The starting grid for the final sees around 40% of the competitors equipped with the DST engine and no less than four of these occupy the top five positions, including the entire front row. On the first lap, Tuukka Taponen (Tony Kart Racing Team) takes the reins of the race and, on the final finishing line, takes the third position, before receiving a 5-second penalty for having his front spoiler in the wrong position. Turney plays smart, avoids trouble and gains the championship title, while Coluccio completes the one-two with a second place.

An impressive comeback must be underlined, it’s Oscar Pedersen’s (Ward Racing) with 21 positions gained and fourth under the chequered flag. Also David Walther (Koski Motorsport), Caspian Hagman (Ward Racing), James Egozi (Tony Kart Racing Team), Oscar Wurz (Tony Kart Racing Team), Eemili Koivisto (Koski Motorsport), Juho Valtanen (Tony Kart Racing Team), Ean Eyckmans (EGP Racing Team), Keanu Al Azhari (Tony Kart Racing Team), Albin Stureson (JP Racing) and Freddie Slater (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) take part in the final.

OKJ - Third championship success, out of four rounds, for our DJT engine in the "Junior" category. The Italian weekend opens with three drivers equipped with Vortex engines in the first five positions of the combined qualifying ranking: Thomas Strauven (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) and Maciej Gladysz (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) are the fastest in their respective groups while Elliot Kaczynski (Ward Racing) is the second fastest driver of Group 1. The qualifying heats confirm the DJT's excellent performance, with 6 wins (more than 1/3 of the scheduled races) and 9 fastest laps (60% of the total).

The final, which sees 38% of the drivers equipped with the DJT by Vortex at the starting grid, is the land of conquest for Kirill Dzitiev (Ward Racing), able to quickly climb 9 positions during the race and win for the second time in the Champions of the Future Euro Series. Four other Vortex-powered drivers take the Top 10: they are Jimmy Helias (Tony Kart Racing Team), Alfie Slater (Ricky Flynn Motorsport), Strauven and Guillaume Bouzar (Koski Motorsport), with the latter distinguishing himself with a record of a comeback of not less than 24 positions.

Jan Przyrowski (Tony Kart Racing Team), Marcel Kasprzycki (Ward Racing), Salim Hanna (Ricky Flynn Motorsport), Guy Albag (Ward Racing), Dmitry Matveev (Koski Motorsport), Marcus Saeter (Ward Racing) as well as the aforementioned Gladysz and Kaczynski, also attend the final.

In addition to the three finals won, Vortex achieves a total of 2 pole positions (out of 4), 15 victories and 20 fastest laps in the qualifying heats (out of 60 run), as well as 4 victories in the super heats (out of 8), thus confirming the extreme competitiveness of the DJT unit.

Press Release © OTK Kart Group

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