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Vortex: one victory and three podiums in Franciacorta
03 March 2024

In the third round of the WSK Super Master Series, the VTZ engine conquers a success in the final of the KZ2 category. The VTM unit hits two podiums in the MINI Gr.3 and MINI Gr.3 U10 categories, while the VTS-N is third in OKN-J.

KZ2– In the category reserved for the karts with a gearbox, the VTZ engine dominates the scene in the final on Sunday afternoon with Tom Leuillet (Tony Kart Racing Team). The French driver opened the weekend with the best time in group 2 of the qualifying practices, and after that he collected four victories (and two fast laps) during the qualifying heats. Thanks to a fourth place in the prefinal, Leuillet started from pole position in the final race and, after getting the lead of the race at the 3rd lap, he drove undisturbed towards the first victory of the season.

Four more drivers take part in the final with the VTZ unit: Genis Civico (Tony Kart Racing Team), Marijn Kremers (Tony Kart Racing Team), Teo Blin (Steeve Blin) and Francesco Celenta (Tony Kart Racing Team).

MINI – The Vortex VTM collects two podiums and two fast laps in the qualifying heats and in the prefinals of MINI Gr.3 thanks to the performances of Leonardo Gorski (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Olivier Sini (Tony Kart Racing Team). Between the two, Gorski was the protagonist in the final fight for the top positions and he achieved third position under the checkered flag. Sini and Lucas Bonhomme (Jana Racing) also qualified for the final.

The VTM unit was at the top even in MINI Gr.3 U10: in qualifying, the Vortex engine was second in group 1 with Achille Rea (Tony Kart Racing Team), while in the qualifying heats he achieved a total of one victory, two Top-3 results and a fastest lap, which then resulted in a third place in Prefinal A. In the final, Rea fought for the victory from the first lap and then he got third place with a podium finish at the end of the race. Henri Kumpen (Tony Kart Racing Team) gained 11 positions from the start and arrived fifth. Even Victor Gorun (Real Racing) participated in the race.

OK – In the two qualifying sessions on Friday, the Vortex VTS registers the best time in group 1 with Sebastiano Pavan (Tony Kart Racing Team), as well as placing third and fourth respectively with David Walther (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Tiziano Monza (Tony Kart Racing Team). In the following qualifying heats, the engines of the “engine division” of OTK Kart Group produced two victories, three podiums and a fastest lap, while in Prefinal A, they achieved a hat-trick.

At the starting grid of the final, there was Pavan in pole position and Walther in third position. Pavan was at the top of the race right from the first meters; with 6 laps to go, he got involved in an accident with his main rival for the victory. The Italian manages to come back on track, concluding in the Top 10. Ahead of Pavan in the classification, there are Walther and Monza, while Thomas Quince (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Xavier Avramides (Tony Kart Racing Team) are the two other drivers with the Vortex engine at the start in the final.

OKN-J – On Sunday, Ludovico Mazzola (Stefano Mazzola) stood out from the group: the Italian gained 6 positions and finished second in Prefinal B in the morning, while in the subsequent final he reached the two drivers at the top in the second half of the race. At the end of the 14 scheduled laps, Mazzola results third classified with the Vortex VTS-N engine.

OKJ – The VTJ engine arrived in third place in group 2 of qualifying with Ilie Tristan Crisan (Tony Kart Racing Team), while he got two Top-3 results and a fastest lap. On Sunday morning, Vortex was second and third in the first warm-up session and arrived second in Prefinal B. The final in the afternoon finished with Tristan Crisan as the best representative, followed by Endo Arada (Ward Racing), Scott Marsh (Tony Kart Racing Team), Joel Pohjola (Tony Kart Racing Team), Sebastian Lehtimaki (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Maria Germano Neto (Tony Kart Racing Team).

 Press Release © OTK Kart Group 

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