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WSK Champions Cup, Lonato: IAME X30 Finals – The winners are Brando Pozzi (X30S) and Riccardo Ferrari (X30J – Sub Judice)
Mattia Livraghi
29 January 2023

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X30S: A stellar Brando Pozzi completes clean sweep

Engine: IAME X30 / Tyres: MG Tires

  • Whether he finds himself managing a large advantage or juggling a tussle, Brando Pozzi (M2 Racing – Tony Kart) knows how to shine. After also winning Prefinal A, the dominator of the heats is the author of an excellent start from pole and immediately seems to repeat the monologue written during the entire weekend. To interrupt his solo, however, comes Pacome Weisenburger (Nicolas Martins – Redpseed), who takes the reins of the race on the fifth lap. The M2 Racing team rider maintains a disarming coolness and takes the lead again during the eighth lap, but then is forced to deal with other protagonists. The young Italian defends himself in an exemplary way first from the attacks of Andrea Giudice (Marra61 Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart) and then from those of Federico Rossi (PRK – Tony Kart), holding up the pressure and concluding an amazing weekend with a victory at the heartbeat.

  • Only five thousandths separate Federico Rossi from success, with an arrival at the photo finish that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. However, the PRK team standard bearer completes an extraordinary comeback of seven positions and regains the speed expressed at the beginning of the weekend. Rossi reproaches himself for attempting to overtake Pozzi at the chicane, after which he loses ground, but is still satisfied with the silver medal.

  • Elie Goldstein (TBKART Racing Team – TBKART) climbs on the third step of the podium, signing a positive debut with the TBKART colors. The Belgian driver experiences some difficulties in the first phase of the race, but then proves to be mature in taking advantage of the various challenges that enliven the race to earn the bronze medal.

  • They complete the top five after having tasted the leadership of the race and having lost the chance to contend for the victory until the end due to a slight contact between Andrea Giudice and Friday's poleman Pacome Weisenburger.

  • The weekend was also completed on a positive note by Antonio Apicella (Team Driver Racing Kart – Tony Kart), sixth, and Erika Lavazza (Virus Racing – Tony Kart), seventh after being the protagonist of a grandiose comeback in the prefinal following the rear-end collision by Maximilian Schleimer (CVPG – KR) on the first lap, Riccardo Cirelli (Nicolas Martins – Redspeed), eighth and strong in the fastest lap, Danny Carenini (Energy Corse – Energy Corse), ninth, and the winner of Prefinal B Luca Griggs (Falcon Racing Team – Falcon)..


X30J: An admirable Riccardo Ferrari puts the icing on the cake (Sub Judice Standings)

Engine: IAME X30 / Tyres: MG Tires

  • They try to stop him, but Riccardo Ferrari (Zanchi Motorsport – Tony Kart) keeps calm and triumphs in style. After finishing the prefinal in fifth place following a contact with Lorenzo Ingles Gomes Campos (Team Driver Racing Kart – Tony Kart), the dominator of the heats sprints from pole position in the final and suffers a complicated start, which sees him lose ground later in a wheel-to-wheel comparison with Sacha van't Pad Bosch (Nicolas Martins – Redspeed). The Zanchi Motorsport team driver returned to the lead in just six laps, but was then forced to deal with an aggressive Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart – Tony Kart), who overtook him during the seventh lap. Ferrari maintains a disarming lucidity and, after following his adversary like a shadow, takes back the reins of the race on the third to last lap. The young Italian proved to be adept at responding to another attack from his rival, crossing him immediately as he exited the first hairpin, and in defending himself astutely in the final stages to ensure success.

  • An exceptional Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart – Tony Kart) must therefore be satisfied with the silver medal, who gains six positions compared to the start and proves to be shrewd in the tussle. Forced to abandon the pre-final prematurely due to a partially unhooked rear bumper, the driver of the Racing Kart Team driver sees the final victory slip away by just 0.49 seconds.

  • Sacha van't Pad Bosch crossed the finish line in third place after taking second place in the prefinal, but the Dutch driver received, already during the race, a five-second penalty due to a jump start. The Redspeed rider was thus relegated to sixth place after finishing the first two laps of the final in front of everyone and gave the lowest step of the podium to an amazing Lorenzo Ingles Gomes Campos. Strengthened by the victory obtained in the pre-final, the young Angolan is also the protagonist in the final and even contends for the first position in the initial phase.

  • Rocco Coronel (Nicolas Martins – Redspeed), fourth with a lot of fastest lap after closing the prefinal in third position, and Clovis Nougueyrede (Nicolas Martins – Redspeed), fifth, are also authors of excellent performances.

  • The top ten is completed thanks to convincing performances by Christian Romeo (Giovanni Romeo – Tony Kart), seventh, Fabio Reale (LA Motorsport – Falcon), eighth, the poleman on Friday (with classification still Sub Judice due to the appeal presented to the marshals at end of qualifying following his disqualification) Alberto Fulgori Jr. (Alberto Fulgori – Kosmic), ninth, and Paolo Tizzano (DK Racing – IPK), tenth. On the other hand, Hugo Martiniello (Stephen Nuvolini – KR) loses a placement in the top ten, demoted from tenth place to 11th by a five-second penalty due to an incorrectly positioned nose.

Results (Sub Judice)

©Photo: Sportinphoto

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