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WSK Open Cup rd 2, Adria: heats – The leaders are Tonteri (KZ2), Kucharczyk (OK), Slater (OKJ) and David Cosma Cristofor (MINI)
Luca Basso
02 October 2021

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Activity continues on track for the second round of the WSK Open Cup at the Adria Karting Raceway. After the first day of Friday, in which the qualifications and the first qualifying heats took place, on Saturday all the remaining heats for the four categories present in the race were held: KZ2, OK, OKJ and MINI. The starting grids for Sunday's pre-finals were then decided.

KZ2: Paavo Tonteri takes the lead with two victories

Tires: Vega

  • Change the leader of the ranking in the shifter kart class. Paavo Tonteri (CRG Racing Team - CRG - TM Racing) climbs to the top with a sequence of two wins and a second position in the qualifying heats. The Finnish driver wins the first heat on Friday and scores the fastest lap, while on Saturday he repeats the success in the second heat and manages the situation in the third and last race.

  • Giuseppe Palomba (Birel ART Racing - Birel ART - TM Racing) ends his day in second position. A fifth position, a second and a third are the results of the Italian driver, even if a victory escapes him in the third heat.

  • Jeremy Iglesias (CRG Racing Team - CRG - TM Racing) earns 5 positions with respect to qualifying. The French driver finishes second in the first heat, then gradually drops to fifth, but the penalty points are enough to put him in third position in the general classification.

  • Up two positions are Adrien Renaudin (CPB Sport - Sodikart - TM Racing) and Genis Civico (DPK Racing - KR - IAME), respectively fourth and fifth, while behind them we find a constant Moritz Ebner (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing), sixth, with 5 positions gained. Instead, Laurens Van Hoepen (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel ART - TM Racing) loses ground, passing from fifth to seventh at the end of the qualifying heats.

  • Still some difficulties with the departure for Brando Badoer (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), in his second race in the category. The author of the pole position is fourth in the first heat, then 10th and 16th (the latter position due to a penalty due to the nose in the incorrect position) in the last two. These results place the Italian driver in eighth position. Daniel Vasile (DR - DR - Modena Engines) hits the Top 10 with the ninth position in the general classification.

  • Too bad for Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), only tenth: the rider of KR Motorsport, already unlucky at the first round in Lonato, retires in the first heat due to a technical problem and, precisely because of this result, starts from the bottom in the second heat. The Italian comeback furiously and climbed to eighth position, then won the third heat.

  • Alex Irlando (CRG Racing Team) finishes eleventh at the foot of the Top 10. Norton Andreasson follows (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex, 12th, while Emilien Denner (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) is still struggling with the KR chassis and finishes 14th, behind Axel Bengstsson (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) in 13th position.


OK: Tymoteusz Kucharczyk is unbeatable and remains first

Tires: LeCont

  • If perfection were to have a name, Tymoteusz Kucharczyk (Birel ART Racing - RK - TM Racing) could be a good candidate. After yesterday's pole position, the Polish driver took three wins in as many qualifying heats, plus three fastest laps to complement his excellent performance. He is definitely the number one candidate for victory in tomorrow's final.

  • Arvid Lindblad (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), champion of the WSK Euro Series, loses the comparison with Kucharczyk in the first heat, but excels in the rest with two wins and two fastest laps. The British driver will certainly not be watching tomorrow.

  • Joseph Turney (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) slips in three second places, but in the last heat receives a 10-second penalty and the result is converted into a ninth position. The British then drops to sixth position.

  • Nikola Tsolov (DPK Racing - KR - IAME) wins the first heat and finishes third in the remaining two. With Turney's penalty, the Bulgarian rider thanks him and climbs to third position. The Finnish Tuukka Taponen (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) appears in the Top 5, fourth thanks to two second positions and a third.

  • Zachary David (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) ends his Saturday in fifth position, behind the aforementioned Turney, sixth, and Flavio Olivieri (Praga Racing Team - Prague - IAME), seventh. Three positions lost for Ugo Ugochukwu (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), who drops to eighth position.

  • Cristian Bertuca (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) gains 5 positions and enters the top ten, more precisely in ninth position. To underline the good performance of Eliska Babickova (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), tenth at the end of Saturday.

  • Comeback also for Matteo De Palo (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), 11th with +5 positions compared to qualifying, Rafael Modonese (Praga Racing Team - Prague - IAME), 12th with +7 positions, and Bruno Del Pino (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), 14th with +7 positions. Rintaro Sato (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - Kosmic - Vortex) improves slightly and rises from 15 ° to 13 °, unlike Nicolò Cuman (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing) who drops from 7th to 15th position due to a retirement in the last heat.

  • A retirement also blocks Pedro Hiltbrand (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel ART - TM Racing), European KZ vice-champion, in 23rd position. For the Spaniard it will certainly be an uphill Sunday.


OKJ: Freddie Slater continues his winning march

Tires: Vega

  • The path up to here of Freddie Slater (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - Kosmic - Vortex) is impeccable. The European champion does not waste yesterday's pole position and packs a streak of five wins out of five qualifying heats. The Brit certainly wants to redeem himself after the unfortunate retirement in the pre-final of the previous round in Lonato.

  • The victory of the first round was not a lucky case for James Egozi (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex). The US driver has grown significantly over the course of the year and, even here in Adria, he is competitive: four wins and a second position (just behind Slater) promote him second in the overall standings.

  • Luka Sammalisto (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) momentarily enters the virtual podium of the weekend, more precisely third .. The Finnish driver wins two races on Friday, then gets two second positions and a third on Saturday.

  • Alex Powell (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) is slightly down, second at the end of yesterday's qualifying. The driver with Jamaican license gets only one victory and four times finishes second. For him comes a fourth position in the general classification, ahead of a positive Enzo Deligny (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), fifth and author of a victory in the last heat of the day.

  • Two positions lost for Dion Gowda (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - Kosmic - Vortex) and Anatoly Khavalkin (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), sixth and seventh respectively. Excellent comebacks for the WSK Euro Series champion Harley Keeble (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), from 16th to eighth, for the winner of the FIA ​​Academy Trophy Maciej Gladysz (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing), from 19 To ninth, and for Oscar Wurz Keeble (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), from 15th to tenth.

  • Griffin Peebles (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME) continues his adaptation in the new class and loses 4 positions: the Australian is therefore 11th. Three substantial comebacks for Rashid Al Dhaheri (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), Enea Frey (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - Kosmic - Vortex) and Kean Nakamura Berta (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing): the UAE driver is 12th ( +27 places), the Swiss is 13th (+17 places) and the Japanese licensed driver is 14th (+46 places).

  • Kai Sorensen (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing) drops from 13 ° to 15 °, unlike Adam Hideg (Revesz TRT - KR - IAME) who goes from 18 ° to 16 °. 21 positions gained instead for René Lammers (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), 17th.


MINI: David Cosma Cristofor dominates and leaps in front

Tires: Vega

  • Even in the MINI class there is an undisputed dominator in the qualifying heats. David Cosma Cristofor (Gulstar Racing – KR – IAME) slips five wins out of five races and climbs from third to first. The Romanian driver has an excellent chance to win his first WSK race.

  • Great leap forward for Dries Van Langendonck (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing). The Belgian driver recovers 12 positions and moves to second position, with a tally that includes three wins and two third positions.

  • A small step back for Christian costoya (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing). The WSK Euro Series champion moves from second to third position, with only one win on his back. Dean Hoogendoorn (Kidix - Alonso Kart - IAME) signs a success and climbs from sixth to fourth position.

  • Jindrich Pesl (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME), one of the possible protagonists on Sunday, and Iacopo Martinese (CMT - Parolin - TM Racing) also climbed the rankings. The driver from the Czech Republic is up three places and is fifth, while the Italian is growing by 5 places and is sixth. Behind is Davide Bottaro (AVracing - Parolin -TM Racing), from fourth to seventh after the qualifying heats.

  • Great comebacks for Kilian Josseron (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME) and Niklas Schaufler (Emme Racing - EKS - TM Racing), both good at gaining 23 positions. The Swiss and the Austrian are eighth and ninth respectively, while Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (Gulstar Racing – KR – IAME) drops to tenth position and completes the Top 10.

  • Asher Ochstein (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME) is 11th, ahead of Filippo Pancotti (AVracing - Parolin -TM Racing), 12th, and a very good Emanuele Olivieri (Formula K Serafini - IPK - TM Racing), 13th with 31 positions gained. The winner of the Lonato round will still have to struggle tomorrow if he wants to finish high.

  • Alfie Slater (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing) imitates Olivieri and signs a +36 compared to the qualifying position: he is 16th. Unlike Cristian Tonalini (MLG Racing - Parolin - TM Racing), in pole position yesterday and today only 19th.


©Photo: Sportinphoto

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