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WSK Super Master Series rd 4, Franciacorta: MINI final – The winners are Calleja (MINI Gr.3) and Legenkyi (MINI Gr.3 U10)
Luca Basso
30 April 2023

[Translated with Google]

MINI Gr.3: William Calleja triumphs, another title for Iskender Zulfikari

Tyres: Vega

  • He had shown in previous rounds that he has the speed and talent necessary to get his first victory in the category and, finally, William Calleja (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) completes the mission. The Australian is good at the start to keep second place, after which he takes the lead and flies straight to success.

  • An increasingly full trophy cabinet for Iskender Zulfikari (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME), second across the finish line and first in the championship. The Turk makes no mistake and protects his teammate Calleja's back until the end. This is the fourth WSK title in a year for him, after the WSK Open Cup, the WSK Final Cup and the WSK Champions Cup, as well as the prestigious Winter Cup.

  • Although the much desired victory eludes him, Noah Baglin (iKart – KR – IAME) celebrates his first podium in the category. Starting from pole position, the Briton protected himself in the final stages from the attacks of Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), author of the final fourth place.

  • Five more positions in the standings and fifth place for Ilie Tristan Crisan (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) Valerio Viapiana (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME) also did well, sixth after a comeback of 8 positions. Followed by Vladimir Ivannikov (Gamoto – EKS – TM), seventh, and Dean Hoogendoorn (Kidix Driver Performance – KR – IAME), eighth in the race and second in the championship.

  • Keelan Harvick (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) and Mariano Lopez (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) are respectively ninth and tenth. Incredible twist before the start: Bosco Arias Chavarri (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), in contention for the title, stops on the track during the starting lap and is forced to retire.


Championship standing

MINI Gr.3 U10: victory and title for Oleksandr Legenkyi

Tyres: Vega

  • Oleksandr Legenkyi (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME) keeps his cool until the checkered flag. The Ukrainian closes every space to his opponents and thus obtains the victory he was missing from the WSK Champions Cup and, thanks to this result, he also obtains the title of the WSK Super Master Series.

  • Nothing can Daniil Kutskov (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) to oust Legenkyi from the top, both in the final and in the championship. However, the Babyrace Driver Academy driver is extremely satisfied with the two second places obtained.

  • With a good maneuver on the last lap, Niccolò Perico (Energy Corse – Energy Corse -TM) overtook Sebastian Eskandari Marandi (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) and thus conquered the lowest step of the podium, leaving the Australian fourth place.

  • Michele Orlando (IPK Official Racing Team – IPK – TM) finishes fifth, followed by Alex Molata (Firefly Racing Team – EKS – TM) in sixth position. In pole position on Friday, Albert Tamm (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) takes home a seventh place. Notable comebacks, respectively of 10 and 14 positions, for Edoardo Colucci (CMT – Parolin – IAME) and Oliver Sini (Gamoto – EKS – TM), ninth and tenth.

  • Fourth across the finish line, Leonardo Gorski (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) receives the trophy for third place in the championship; however, following the stewards' review, he receives a 5-second penalty for an incorrect manoeuvre. In this way, the Pole relegated 14th and gave his position in the general standings to Antoine Venant (Kidix Driver Performance – KR – IAME), 13th in the final.


Championship standing

©Photo: Sportinphoto

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