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2020 marks the debut of the new Rookie category (from 6 to 8 years)
Giovanni Mele
09 January 2020

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The management of Briggs & Stratton and CRG announce a very interesting novelty for the Briggs Kart Championship promotional project: the arrival of the new entry level Rookie category dedicated to children aged 6 to 8 years. From a sporting point of view, this new category will have exclusively promotional and non-competitive content, in fact, all participating children will be coordinated by a trainer and will only coordinate a promotional event without classifications with the race simulation format. All children will be rewarded and sent so stress-free to the training course that they can then eventually introduce them to the competitive classes starting from 8 years. From a technical point of view, the kart used will be the same as the Mini class, with limited power thanks to a special guillotine to the carburettor and limited in terms of speed also thanks to the obligation of the fixed ratio for all participants.

In the wider context of the Briggs Kart Championship promotional project, the new Rookie category represents a fundamental element to connect the activity of the kart schools with the context of the race weekend. The new category will have a place in each of the 7 championship events and will already be present at the collective tests of next Saturday 8 February in Cremona. It must be said that the choice to use the same kart of the Mini Briggs class will allow children starting with the Rookie class to continue their experience in the Briggs Kart Championship simply by changing the carburettor guillotine and without having to buy a new kart.

For more information on the Rookie category, you can contact the official dealers (list on the official website) or contact the Series Secretariat at no. 030.9912604 - [email protected]

The Rookie category in pills:

Kart: Mini Briggs Hero with yellow guillotine on the carburettor and fixed ratio (75)

Tires: Vega SL10

Age: from 6 years old to 8 years old.

Sports format: 3 free practice sessions in the morning and 2 race simulations in the afternoon

Registration fee: Euro 60.00 per event

Annual license / insurance: € 30.00 (one time only)

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