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An unforgettable 2021 for Tony Kart
05 January 2022

The curtain has come down on the international karting season for our Tony Kart Racing Team, full of successes and memorable sporting results. Above all, the FIA Karting World Championship titles in the KZ and OK classes stand out, thanks to the qualities of our flagship model, the Racer 401, today in the "RR" version.

The 2021 season is destined to stand out in the Tony Kart history forever. After a 2020 racing year finished with three wins on the occasion of the FIA Karting World Championship in OK category, it seemed difficult to equal or improve on a result of such extent. Instead, the sporting year that has just ended has been even better. The world triumph, this year, was even double, both in the master single-speed category, the OK, and in the most prestigious shifter class, the KZ. Our Tuukka Taponen and Noah Milell have proved that the Racer model, now in the new 401 RR version, is the chassis to beat, both in the version with or without gearbox. Its high flexibility to all types of circuits, has allowed our drivers to obtain the most prestigious victories of the year on two totally different circuits in terms of layout and in completely opposite track conditions (dry for KZ, wet for OK).

The World results are, also, the result of the work "behind the scenes" of the OTK Kart Group R&D department, constantly working to refine more and more a model that, since its debut in 2004, has collected not less than 9 world victories.
Not only, as Tony Kart relies on a design and manufacturing process, the OTK Kart Group's one, which has allowed to develop a chassis suitable for every kind of competition and, above all, for every driver. It is not by chance that, this year, several Racing Team's drivers have taken the highest step of the podium, in very different championships, circuits and categories. Starting from the OKJ title conquered by our Harley Keeble in the WSK Euro Series and from his victory, in the photo finish, on the occasion of the third round of the FIA Karting European Championship for OKJ in Sarno, even selected for the FIA Action of the Year 2021 awards. Also James Egozi, this year at his debut in the "Junior" class, has left his mark on Tony Kart's winning 2021 year, with a victory (in Lonato) and the title in the WSK Open Cup, as well as the expert Joseph Turney, author of a success in OK class on the same weekend of Lonato, and Taponen, champion in the WSK Open Cup, too.

The fact that Milell's achievement in Sweden is not due to chance, but to the ability of the Racer to respond positively to the different driving styles and to the different needs of each driver, is proved by the second place of our Lorenzo Camplese, who enriches the KZ world success of our official team with a double win, and by the Top 5 achieved by our Simo Puhakka, for a total of three of our chassis in the first five positions of the ranking.

Also in this 2021, Tony Kart managed to guarantee a good balance between constancy of results and absolute performance. And the results gained speak for themselves, since the victories have been achieved in series, made up of several events (WSK Euro Series, WSK Open Cup), as well as in the two world events on single round, enriched by the fastest laps in the final by Taponen and Milell themselves.

The year 2021 has now drawn to the end and, for our Racing Team, it is time now for a short break, suitable to recharge the batteries in view of the future 2022 racing season, which is due to start at the end of January.

Press Release © OTK Kart Group

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