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Birel ART and Richard Mille Young Talent Academy select Maya Weug and Julia Ayoub for a 100% female team
Michele Panzera
21 December 2018

On the South Garda Karting track, with the assistance of All Road Management, a test day was held with the aim of selecting 2 young drivers to form a 100% female team for 2019. Six contenders, all between 13 and 17 years old: Lola Lovinfosse (FRA), Jlia Ayoub (BRA) and Mariana Machado (POR) for the OKJ category. Maja Hallen Fellenius (SWE), Maya Weug (ESP) and Mathilda Olson (SWE) for OK.

To monitor their performance, a "jury" composed of President Birel ART Ronni Sala, team manager of the Racing Team Davide Forè, Morgan Caron (All Road Management), Debbie Gourdon and Amanda Mille (representatives of Richard Mille).
The drivers took to the track for a couple of run-in and warm-up sessions before starting the actual tests, facing different stints with both new tires and used tires.

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In addition to lap times and track performance, however, the jury also took into account the personal and behavioral aspects of the candidates: the approach with the mechanic, the understanding of telemetry (with the help of Davide Forè), the propensity to accept advice and, based on these, improve their performance.
As the last test, the engines that proved to be faster during the day (an OK and an OKJ) were taken and were mounted, in turn, on the different chassis of the drivers.

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With this engine, each had two laps to launch and one lap to score the fastest time. At the end of the day, lived in a serene atmosphere, of fair competition but also of mutual help and support, the jury selected the Spanish Maya Weug for the OK category and the Brazilian Julia Ayoub for the OKJ category. The two pilots will have the opportunity to play the 2019 international season for free with Birel ART colors.


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