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BirelART makes big push for 2020 in rental kart market
Giovanni Mele
18 March 2020

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With the BirelART North America dealer network established, growing and strong, the race team competitive and amongst the best in North America, it is time to grow the BirelART Rental Kart product line within the United States, Canada and Mexico. Committed to having the best rental kart on the market and the highest standard in customer service, BirelART North America is ready to be your partner in the rental kart market.

“We are not a sales company that just wants to sell you a product and move on,” explained Raphael St. Charles. “Our goal is a long-term partnership that exceeds your expectations. We want to not only provide you our top-of-the-line products, but also facilitate a seamless and easy transaction as well as top tier customer support. We want to remain in constant contact, provide follow up and assist when and where possible.”

With the BirelART N35 adult chassis and the BirelART N32 junior kart, the BirelART Rental Kart division has worked overtime to develop and produce the new electric kart, the BirelART N35 E-Kart. Battery powered and with state-of-the-art technology that is taken from Zero Motorcycle that allows forty-five-minute run times, forty-five second battery changes and countless years of operation, the BirelART Rental Kart department has all the basis covered.

“In our partnership with Zero Motorcycle, an electric motorcycle company, we are buying knowledge of a premium product while our competition is trying to develop,” added St. Charles. “We are steps ahead of them and the BirelART Rental Kart chassis design with the electric engine provides for minimal downtime.”

With single and double seat solutions, thousands of hours of research and development have gone into the design of the best rental kart on the market. Focusing on adjustments to suit all drivers’ sizes, as well as the safety that is needed in motorsports, the BirelART Rental Kart is the one for you.

With programs available to try before you buy as well as complete product showcase programs, we make it easy to make your best decision. For more information to become part of the BirelART Rental Kart as well as the BirelART, Ricciardo or Charles Leclerc dealer networks or information on how to join the PSL Karting Race Team for the 2020 season, please contact [email protected].

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