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Blue Shock Race to power the Latvian Electric Kart Championship with solar energy
Giovanni Mele
25 February 2020

Blue Shock Race is currently investing almost 100,000 euro in addition in the Latvian Electric Kart Championship to create a cycle of competitions for kids and will ensure tracks with charger systems powered by solar energy. This is another big step in the development of the Latvian karting and automotive industry, which will increase the number of participants and promote the use of progressive technologies and green energy, Artis Daugins, CEO of Blue Shock Race believes.

In 2018, Blue Shock Race with its partners Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, LMT Autosport Academy, Latvian Automobile Federation, Samsung and others made Latvia the first country in the world with its own national electric kart championship. This year, Blue Shock Race has decided to make another big step and introduce one additional class for kids. Due to the rules of the Latvian Automobile Federation, this year it will still be called a cup tournament, but next year the competition for kids is planning to qualify for the status of a real championship.

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Karts of all participants are absolutely the same. They have been developed by Blue Shock Race (together with Gillard Racing Karts on a 950 mm chassis), with a 7 kW electric power drive kit, and are able to accelerate to 95 km/h.

One of the most innovative things the company had worked on, is the possibility to charge karts for the championship using a specially created solar energy system. Thanks to a quickly replaceable battery system, kart batteries can be connected to solar panels almost directly allowing to charge the second backup battery pack in parallel to racing. In such a way, it will be achieved that the competitions can be organised also on tracks with no electricity available. Important! All the obtained energy is 100% renewable, therefore the championship demonstrates a full energy circulation cycle.

See more about this system on:

This will be a year of growth for the championship both in terms of technology and participants, with which we would like to demonstrate to the world that electric kart championships have reached 100% capacity to be self-sufficient in terms of all factors – price, speed, energy.

Participants are already actively applying for the championship in the kids class, the number of places is limited.

Young athletes will compete for the main prize – a new Blue Shock Race electric kart, or a completely paid next year season.

During the championship and training, Ēriks Gasparovičs, old-timer in Latvian Karting, agreed to manage the system of karts for kids. You can apply for the kids electric kart championship by writing to [email protected].

It has already been reported that Blue Shock Race is a Latvian manufacturer of electric karts, which has developed its own kart with a quickly replaceable battery for rent, and has announced itself on the world scene in the area of electric kart competitions by demonstrating lighter and more powerful electric karts.

More about the championship:

There will be 6 stages in the Latvian Electric Kart Championship:
22.-23.05. Madona (Latvia)
12.–13.06. Kandava (Latvia)
26.–27.06. Ropažu novads, SK333 (Latvia)
10.-11.07. Smiltene (Latvia)
07.–08.08. Madona (Latvia)
11.–12.09. Jelgava (Latvia)

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