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Breaking, Lonato incidents : the ACI Sport Federal Court's decision
Giorgia Miani
08 October 2020

Official communication from the ACI Sport website

The President of the FEDERAL COURT
ORDER of 08 October 2020

In the Federal Court case no. 25/20 against Luca Corberi (lic. Conc. Cond. N. 301525 and U.G. 405816); Marco Corberi (lic. Ass. Mecc. K. no. 303741 and conc. 300481); So.Fin. Pa Srl. (Lic. Di ista K n. 2999291 in the person of the legal representative Marco Corberi)

Request for precautionary measure ex. Article 33.2 of the Justice Regulation of 8 October 2020

The President of the ACI Sport Federal Court upholds the request for precautionary licence suspension, and thus suspends, for the entire period of the investigation, and therefore until December the 5th 2020, all the licenses attributable to Luca Corberi, Marco Corberi and that of the circuit of which the latter is the legal representative.

Rome, 8 October 2020.
Salvatore Giacchetti

Note from TKART: The ROK Cup Superfinal scheduled from 14 to 17 October at the Lonato circuit will take place at the Franciacorta Karting Track on the same dates and following the same program. Free practices at The Franciacorta Karting Track will be allowed starting from Monday, October the 12th. Teams registered for the race must reach out to the following email address to define paddock reservations with the organizer [email protected].
As for what regards the South Garda Karting circuit, races are suspended but private tests can continue.

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