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“Cervello superveloce”: the secrets of mental training in the book by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli
Luca Basso
14 April 2021

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Mental training has become a cornerstone for the growth of pilots. Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, founder of Formula Medicine with more than thirty years of experience in the field of motorsport and Formula 1, is well aware of this, and in his new book “Cervello superveloce” (published by Sperling & Kupfer) he tells all the secrets collected on the fields of race.

Formula Medicine has become an important destination for many drivers who populate the international championships and beyond. Located in Viareggio, it is a Sports Medicine Center whose strength is, in fact, the Mental Economy Gym: a gym entirely dedicated to the optimization of mental resources. Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, through his studies, has discovered that pilots are able to perform complex and crucial tasks at well above average speeds, despite strong psychological pressure and with minimal expenditure of brain energy.

To become true champions, drivers today must therefore take into account not only their physical resources and their talent but - and above all - their mental abilities. Mental Economy Training is a training aimed at optimizing one's mind, improving emotional control even under severe stress conditions, increasing concentration and clarity which are essential for dealing with situations that require precise and instant decisions.

Improving the effectiveness of one's mental ability is not something aimed only at pilots but also «for top managers, for example, and this is why the method is also spreading in Italian and foreign companies». “Cervello superveloce” also tests the reader with two tests and a free app, which allow them to identify their strengths and enhance their mental skills.

Charles Leclerc, current Ferrari driver in Formula 1, wrote the preface of the book, recalling when he started working in the Formula Medicine center at the age of 13: «I used to race in go-karting, I was fast but sometimes I was not able to manage my competitive charge, my determination, especially when some episode happened that made me angry. The head and emotions were for me more a weakness than a virtue, but I worked a lot on it, with Riccardo and his team, made up of doctors, athletic trainers and psychologists: they immediately understood my personality and developed a program tailored to me, and I understood that it was possible to do so».

“Cervello superveloce”, 218 pages, is available on Mondadori Store, Amazon, IBS and La Feltrinelli at a price of 16.90 euros.

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