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DADD: a whole team for the title of Esteban Masson
Giovanni Mele
10 October 2019

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Sunday, October 6, Esteban Masson raised his arms to the sky crossing the finish line of the 3rd final of the National Championship on the circuit of Salbris. Mission accomplished, after three days of intense racing, he won the title of hard fight. At the edge of the track, the DADD team was thrilled with its efforts upstream and throughout a particularly demanding competition. The emotion crystallized around the podium at the presentation of the cup to the new Champion.

The Didier André Driver Development - DADD - structure did not miss its big return to the competition on the occasion of the French National Championship in Salbris. The event had been carefully prepared for a long time with the usual professionalism of Didier André. The equipment, chassis and engines completely fine-tuned internally, the drivers trained both physically and mentally and the team welded, everything was ready to face the difficulties of this emblematic event open to drivers from 12 to 16 years.
"Because of the weather, the race was even harder than expected," Didier André explained. "We met all the possible conditions of adhesion and we had to react extremely quickly to frequent changes. We were faced with very determined drivers, the final 3 was a significant example with its fearsome fights. It was necessary to remain calm and focused until the end, it was a great challenge for all the members of the team and we brilliantly raised it. "
Didier André had already supported Esteban Masson earlier in the season during his conquest of the Junior French Championship. "I want to restore the truth of the FFSA Academy one-design formula: the level of competition is really excellent. Just compare the performances made in Salbris by the drivers from the Junior with those of their opponents. Federal training is really very effective. "

[caption id="attachment_232591" align="aligncenter" width="570"] MASSON ESTEBAN, Nationale, F, KOSMIC / ROTAX / BRIDGESTONE, , Championnat de France, SALBRIS, National Race, © KSP Reportages[/caption]

With Esteban, DADD has worked hard on trust and determination in all circumstances. The good management of the stress of the race is an essential element for the driver, but also for the team. In the difficult circumstances of Salbris, it was necessary to adapt constantly, to react quickly and not to make mistakes. The good lifestyle habits taken throughout the year in terms of nutrition, stress management, but also warm up and muscular awakening have undeniably paid off.
Esteban was counted among the favorites of the event with the added pressure that implies. Starting 7th in qualifying, he made a good effort to come back in 2nd at the end of the heats by lining up 3 wins despite the rain and the changing track. Second in the final 1 after a good fight with Dylan Léger, Esteban ensured the best lap and dominated the final 2 until winning a brilliant victory. The tension was palpable in the final 3 and the race had very tough clashes. Esteban kept his composure to secure 3rd place and the title at the same time.

"This French National Championship is the first federal title won by the DADD structure," said Didier André. "We came back with strong ambitions and it is a great satisfaction to achieve this quickly. DADD has changed its approach by taking care of several drivers. In 2020, we intend to accentuate this openness by involving us in several categories according to demand. DADD's vocation is to develop its activity. Interested pilots should not hesitate to contact us. "
"We are disappointed with the results of Pablo Sarrazin in Salbris, a young driver with a promising future who had notably achieved great performances at Le Mans during the Rotax Max Challenge International Trophy for his second race with us. He has, however, emerged as a model teammate who has contributed to Esteban's victory and we have full confidence in his potential for the future. "

DADD congratulates Esteban Masson and thanks his technical partners Lexoil and Action Karting.

[caption id="attachment_232588" align="aligncenter" width="570"] MASSON ESTEBAN, Nationale, F, KOSMIC / ROTAX / BRIDGESTONE, , Championnat de France, SALBRIS, National Race, © KSP Reportages[/caption]

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