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Great success for the first Cetilar Performance summer campus at the Formula Medicine facility
18 July 2019

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Cetilar Performance virtually returns to the "track". Last week, the protagonists of the Cetilar Racing youth program (the all-Italian team, at the start of the last three editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and ready to start a new adventure in the FIA ​​WEC 2019-2020 championship), held a session of mental and physical training at Formula Medicine, or the excellence in the field of pilot training.

A point of reference, that of Formula Medicine, for the Cetilar Performance project, a new reality that was formalized last March in Sarno, setting the growth of the "young drivers" in the broadest sense of the term. A reality that today involves the very first "brand" in the field of Italian motor racing. From Cetilar Racing, to continue with Dallara, Freem, Kart Republic, Team Driver, Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth, WSK Promotion and Formula Medicine itself.

t was the Viareggio facility that is headed by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli to host the three pilots selected for the project, namely the Swedish Joel Bergström and the Italians Sebastiano Pavan and Alfio Spina, very young promises of international karting. Also present, along with them, are Mark Kastelic, Nicola Lacorte, Lorenzo Patrese and Santiago Trisini, all of whom are also coming from the kart.

Their commitment took place over three days, always taking as a goal the professional and above all human growth, an element of fundamental importance for Cetilar Performance, as highlighted by Roberto Lacorte, Cetilar Racing team pilot and vice president of the PharmaNutra company, who through the Cetilar brand supports this unprecedented development program and mentorship dedicated to young people.

Each day was divided into two parts, starting with a group mental training, in which we worked mainly on the ability of brain speed, neuromuscular coordination, concentration, mental approach to performance and management of muscular tension. From the athletic point of view both age-related sessions in the gym have been carried out (so coordination and dexterity work, all in free on unstable surfaces), and activities outside the playful purpose, to begin to apply some concepts mental. For example, in the "adventure park", where you had to complete on foot a path on elevated platforms even of about ten meters, confronting yourself with the muscular rigidity caused by tension. The goal was to try to face this test in the most relaxed way possible, which is the same thing that every driver has to do on the go-kart. So we continued with an outdoor workout and a boxing session, a perfect sport to work in conditions of high heart rate and physical tiredness, but having to maintain at the same time a mental lucidity, a concentration and a control of muscular rigidity such as not to get tired in a short time.

"We were satisfied to find a group of mature, professional and educated young people who fully committed themselves to the activities in which we involved them. Meanwhile, our goal was to keep them entertained, a "rule" of fundamental importance given their young age. But at the same time, conveying concepts to him; which is the basis of mental training, to understand something about them, identifying each of their characteristics. So learn, but having fun, "explained Alessio Erra, a physiotherapist at Formula Medicine.

"The first summer camp in Formula Medicine, allowed us to assess firsthand how much the pilots of our project are involved in the path we have created specifically for them - said Roberto Lacorte, just returned from a test session at Paul Ricard with the new Dallara of class LMP2 with which it will face the next World Endurance - This is only the first part of a road still long and the beauty is still to come, when we will see the fruits of our work on the field ".

"The boys are committed, they have lived this three days with seriousness and full involvement and they have also had fun, an aspect that we always keep in view given their age - added Giorgio Sernagiotto, Cetilar Racing pilot and Cetilar Performance project manager - Through these activities we try to give them a solid foundation on which to build their future. And not only from the competitive point of view. Because, first of all, we are interested in them growing as people, as men. And while we can all count on very present families, we try to give them our small contribution by making available to them the competence of our partners and basing our work on healthy and substantial values ​​of growth ".

Meanwhile,the second “step” of the program is already in preparation, which will include an activity even more relevant to the driving and the engagement on the track.

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