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IPK racing structure
29 December 2021

With effect from January 1st Juri Serafini will run the official IPK European Factory Team. We will increase efficiency by running all IPK brands under one tent.

We believe that a close integration with our official teams is important and, therefore, we are going to implement the same strategy in the USA. The official US factory IPK team is going to be Leading Edge Motorsports, run by Greg Bell; they are also, like Serafini in Europe, successful in long-term view.

In Europe we are going to have a satellite team, SUMAKO IPK Racing Team, which is going to be run by Petr Ulbert, who has been close to the IPK family for a long time and the collaboration has always been very positive.

Cash van Belle has been named vice president for racing. He will support both IPK Factory teams as well as national teams and will help to recruit drivers from national to international level.

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