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Karting tyres for the 2024-2025-2026 years
03 January 2024

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The tyre Suppliers for the Karting classes for the 2024, 2025, 2026 years.

Following the selection procedure of the suppliers of slick and rain tyres for the KARTING groups and classes for the 2024, 2025, 2026 years, the successful tenderers and the prices resulting from the relevant contract for the tyres to be used in the single supply regime are indicated below for the races registered in the national calendar, including reserved ones and with the sole exclusion of the races valid for the Brand Trophies (TdM), for the following lots:
Lot 1: KZ2
Lot 2: MINI Gr.3
Lot 3: OKN-OKN J.


VEGA - Lot 1 - KZ2 Category
Slick Set, Model XM4 - Prime: Net price Euro 180.33 + VAT 22%
Rain Set, Model W6: Net price Euro 172.13 + VAT 22%

MG - Lot 2 - MINI Gr.3 Category
Slick Set, Model SC2: Net price Euro 139.35 + VAT 22%
Rain Set, Model SCW2: Net price Euro 159.80 + VAT 22%

MG - Lot 3 - OKN/OKN-J Category
Slick Set, Model SH2 - Option: Net price Euro 176.22 + VAT 22%
Rain Set, Model SW2: Net price Euro 180.32 + VAT 22%

VEGA - Previous Tender - KZN Category
Slick Set, Model SL4: Net price Euro 139.35 + VAT 22%
Rain Set, Model W6: Net price Euro 172.13 + VAT 22%

In the races of the Italian ACI Karting Championship, the ACI Sport Champions Cup and the National Trophy, the winning Company will be present with its own structure for the distribution of tyres and for technical assistance in parc fermé.

In the ACI Sport Area Cup, Italian Zone Cup and all other races registered on the national calendar, the successful company will use the organisers of the individual races for the distribution of tyres.

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