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OTK - Choose the original
Giovanni Mele
23 November 2019

Design, development and in-house manufacturing, these are the key elements of the OTK products.

OTK Kart Group has always been focused on the product from the project origin until its realization on a large scale. Each element is studied and manufactured in-house in our factory. Therefore, our chassis and also all our components, are rigorously produced within our company, in Prevalle.

As OTK we would like to point out that we have not granted any third party the license to produce accessories and / or components of any kind. Therefore, we invite all our customers to be wary of those who produce and sell compatible products that can be used on our models.

OTK Kart Group has always been active in research, engineering and careful control of the production phase of each of its products. We aim without hesitation at reaching the highest-level production standards, without compromises.

These targets can only be achieved through rigorous quality control, which can be obtained only by producing every single element within the company, as can be seen in this video.

These are the reasons why we urge you not to purchase products for our models, unless you are sure that the parts come from the OTK factories.

Choosing and using components that are not “Made in OTK” means seriously compromise the quality standard and, consequently, the performance of the models of our range, as well as the safety of the kart.

OTK Kart Group, to protect its own work and the one carried out by its collaborators and customers, constantly controls and supervises the web and other forms of potential spread of faked products, which are subject to legal action by our company.


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