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OTK Kart Group: the factory tour of the Engine Division is now online
07 November 2023

Now available the virtual tour of our Prevalle (Italy) factory, to discover, with exclusive images and unpublished information, how our Vortex Engines and ROK Engines are created.

OTK Kart Group, thanks to a first-time factory tour, is pleased to invite you to visit its "Engine Division" that in Prevalle, Brescia district (Italy), deals with the design and manufacturing of kart engines with the Vortex Engines brand (reserved for international and national competitions with CIK-FIA homologation) and ROK Engines (specific for the ROK Cup by Vortex single-brand championships, held in over 25 countries worldwide).

You can see by yourself how both product lines are manufactured according to the company philosophy 'Designed, Engineered, Manufactured - 100% Made in OTK'. In fact, our engines have always been conceived, designed and manufactured completely in-house, so that we can continuously monitor all manufacturing processes. A choice that has allowed us to continue to raise our quality standards, to offer kart drivers increasingly high-performance and reliable engines.

The R&D department (where our products and any developmental stages are born and take shape), the quality control that goes together with each step in the manufacturing process of all Vortex and ROK engines, as well as the automated production allowing to obtain products which can be repeatable and able to offer the highest quality standards are just some of the aspects featuring the OTK Kart Group Engine Division’s activity. Visit it now, thanks to this virtual tour, available on our YouTube channel.

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