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ROK Cup USA Announces Media Partners for ROK the RIO, 2020 and Beyond
Giovanni Mele
11 October 2019

Today, ROK Cup USA confirmed official media partners for the upcoming ROK the RIO, and the complete 2020 race season including the ROK Cup Superfinal. Keeping consistency within the program, International Karting Media Group (CKN) and RTD Media and Management will rejoin ROK Cup USA with increased roles moving forward, while HM Vision has been added to provide digital video content for all ROK Cup USA events beginning at ROK the RIO this year in Las Vegas.

“We have a new official media partner joining us for the last race of 2019, and are happy to have RTD and IKMG back in larger roles as we build for the future,” expressed Garett Potter, Director of Operations for ROK Cup USA. “We have a solid foundation now and the goal is to not only build on the ROK brand but also help our teams and racers build their brands and awareness of our amazing sport. Couple our media team with our strong on track program, we have the tools to take ROK Cup USA to the top in North American karting.”

A new member to the ROK Cup USA team will be HM Vision and Hugo Mousseau. Providing video services within motorsports and abroad, Hugo has an eye for the perfect shot and exciting video compellations. Set to bring a new feel and look to videography work at all events, HM Vision will utilize the latest video equipment to bring on track action into sharable online resources and an increased presence in social media content.

Owned and operated by Mike and Elena Maurini, RTD Media and Management will continue to control public relations for the ROK Cup USA program as well as social media and promotions both in and outside the industry. Always looking at ways to elevate the game, the long-time industry leader has added to their staff, and will bring a new evolvement to the ROK Cup USA program.

Continuing the lead the charge on the photography front will be International Karting Media Group (IKMG) and Cody Schindel. A leader in the photography side of the sport, IKMG will be trackside at each event providing digital imagery for the series as well print and digital photo sales to the karting community.

“It is welcoming to see such dedicated individuals that can work together as a team,” added Potter. “Cody Schindel and Mike and Elena Maurini have been valuable assets to our program. They have been involved since the very beginning and have helped get the program to where it is today. Hugo’s work is outstanding, and I have only been privileged to see a few pieces. He has a karting background and understands the sport well.”

For more information on ROK Cup USA, ROK Cup Promotions and the 2019 ROK Fest program, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or [email protected] or Garett Potter at [email protected].

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