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Spectacular Vortex Engine Deal Ending Soon!
22 February 2019

A tremendous amount of racers have taken advantage of this incredible offer from Vortex, but as we know all good things come to an end!

The VLR 100cc package will expire first as the season for the State Championship is almost upon us, so if this championship and  fabulous engine interests you it's time to make your move. We will run the package deal until the start of the season however please allow  ample time for shipping and of course you installation.

The Mini has in our opinion been the biggest deal when it comes to this promotion, if you do the math the savings are huge!

The best part it works for the State and Gearup Championships among many other local races in almost all regions across the country.

 We urge all teams with drivers from the age 7 to 12 to take another look, even if you plan to do a few select F-Series events, it's still a saving.


Believe us when we say shifter racing at the F-Series is going to be insane this season!

When it comes to shifter racing this clearly the favorite in the world of single engine shifter racing. Affordable, reliable, proven and tones of great races from east to west. Again this is another one of those that if you plan of attending a few F-Series races this season, the deal that Vortex has provided just makes sense.

These have been flying off the shelf and have seen a couple days of backorder so please make sure to give yourself enough time before the sale ends.

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