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The 2022 Italian ACI Karting Championship in the archive with 1357 verified drivers, never such a high number for over 20 years
21 October 2022

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The number of different drivers for each category who took part in the Tricolore was also high. Here is how the 2022 Italian ACI Karting Championship ended, winners and losers.

The 2022 Italian ACI Karting Championship went to the archive with a great success of participation, as many as 1357 verified in the 5 races disputed, and an average 171 drivers per race: 335 in Franciacorta, 246 in Ugento, 308 in Castelletto, 281 in Sarno, 187 in Val Vibrata. It is the highest number of drivers ever recorded since 2000. The previous record was that of 2021 with 1,211 verified drivers.

The drivers who took part in the Italian Championship.
In 2022, 76 different drivers participated in KZ2, 115 in MINI Gr.3, 67 in 60 Mini, 55 in KZN Under, 38 in KZN Senior, 80 in X30 Junior, 82 in X30 Senior. In the categories that have previously awarded titles, the drivers in the single round in Sarno were 31 in OK, 55 in OKJ; in the two tests of Franciacorta and Castelletto, 12 in Rok Senior, 16 in Rok Junior.

Who are the champions of the Tricolore 2022.
In KZ2, Danilo Albanese dominated.
Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport/KR-Iame-MG) has always won in one of the two finals of each stage, race1 in Franciacorta, race2 in Ugento, race1 in Castelletto, race1 in Sarno, race1 in Val Vibrata, thus revealing himself to be the most continuous driver. Behind him were team mate Mirko Torsellini, with 3 wins, and Ebner Moritz (LG Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing), whose main goal was the KZ2 Under-18 Italian Championship, which he won ahead of two revelations such as Alex Maragliano (Maranello Kart/Maranello-TM Racing) and Flavio Olivieri (Renda Motorsport/BirelART-TM Racing).
KZ2 Italian Championship
1. Danilo Albanese (ITA) 277 points
2. Mirko Torsellini (ITA) 213.5
3. Moritz Ebner (ITA) 174
KZ2 Under 18 Italian Championship
1. Moritz Ebner (ITA) 286 points
2. Alex Maragliano (ITA) 275
3. Flavio Olivieri (ITA) 197

Martinese is the MINI Gr.3 champion.
The ranking of the MINI Gr.3 championship is sub-judice, pending the ruling of an appeal regarding the Castelletto race. However, it is certain that the champion is Iacopo Martinese (Baby Race Academy/Parolin-Iame-MG), and Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Racing) in second place. The ranking could "move" from third place. However, Martinese was the main protagonist of the category, with 5 victories, including the last one in race-1 in Val Vibrata where he secured the title over his main rival Christian Costoya.
MINI Gr.3 Italian Championship (sub-judice)
1. Iacopo Martinese (ITA) 290 points
2. Christian Costoya (ESP) 243

In 60 Mini, Sulpizio hits the target in the last final.
In 60 Mini, in Val Vibrata, everything was normal for Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (TK Driver Academy/EKS-TM Racing-MG), who, although delayed in race-1 by an accident at the start, then managed to finish with success in race-2 and win the title. On the other hand, Domenico Coco (Modena Kart/Energy Corse-TM Racing) went badly, leader of the ranking until the eve of Val Vibrata and forced to retire in race-1 for being involved in the accident at the start. He finished in fourth position in the championship. Sulpizio was, however, among the major protagonists of the category, together with Gioele Girardello (Girardello/IPK-TM Racing), who finished second, and Mariachiara Nardelli (Nardelli/Parolin-TM Racing), third and winner of the overall Women title.
60 Mini Italian Championship
1. Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (ITA) 188 points
2. Gioele Girardello (ITA) 177
3. Mariachiara Nardelli (ITA) 157

The KZN Under title went to Piccioni for 97 thousandths of a second.
The title for KZN Under was awarded in the last final of Val Vibrata for a difference of 97 thousandths of a second between Antonio Piccioni (TK Driver/TK-TM Racing-LeCont) and Denis Tuia (VZeta Racing/BirelART-TM Racing), which is the difference in race-2 between the fifth place of Piccioni and the sixth of Tuia, and a 3-point margin for Piccioni which allowed him to finish the championship in first position with a final advantage of 2 points. Honor to Piccioni for his second consecutive success in the championship and for having believed in it until the last meter, and also to Tuia who had hoped for the title after his success in race-1. Third in the championship concluded Leonardo Pelosi (Pelosi/Maranello-TM Racing).
KZN Under Italian Championship
1. Antonio Piccioni (ITA) 128 points
2. Denis Tuia (ITA) 126
3. Leonardo Pelosi (ITA) 114

The KZN Senior is in the hands of Nalon, the main protagonist.
In KZN Senior, Riccardo Nalon (ErreEsse/Parolin-TM Racing-LeCont) was the main protagonist, with three wins in the six finals that marked the season in the category. Nalon won the title already with the victory in race-1 in Val Vibrata, then he got back on the podium also in race-2 with the third place. The opponents finished detached and Paolo Gagliardini (Gagliardini/BirelART-TM Racing) finished second, while Andrea Spagni (Maranello Kart/Maranello-TM Racing), champion in 2020, finished in third place.
KZN Senior Italian Championship
1. Riccardo Nalon 175 points
2. Paolo Gagliardini 135
3. Andrea Spagni 124

In X30 Junior, Apicella on his laurels among worthy opponents.
The X30 Junior was very hard fought, where the most productive of all was Antonio Apicella (Team Driver/Kosmic-Iame-Komet) with 5 victories in the 10 finals raced, including the last one in Val Vibrata, which protected him from any surprise. The games were actually already closed in favor of Apicella already from race-1 for a point ahead of his worthy rivals, Riccardo Cirelli (Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame) and Giacomo Maman (TB Kart Racing Team/TB Kart-Iame). Then race-2 gave the definitive response with Apicella's fifth victory in the championship.
X30 Junior Italian Championship
1. Antonio Apicella 260 points
2. Riccardo Cirelli 208
3. Giacomo Maman 201

In X30 Senior, Carenini reigns in his third title.
The X30 Senior had its dominator in Danny Carenini (Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame-Komet), even if the category was very close and exciting. Carenini, in his third winning championship, won the victory thanks to the advantage accumulated already in the previous round in Sarno, where he had scored a heavy double victory. His third victory was obtained in Ugento. Many opponents tried to counter Carenini's path, starting with his teammate Sebastiano Pavan who started with a double win in Franciacorta, then third in the championship, and Riccardo Ianniello (KGT Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame), who finished second thanks to a sensational double victory in Val Vibrata. The performances of Manuel Scognamiglio (T Motorsport/Tony Kart-Iame) must be underlined, as the 2020 Junior champion grew throughout the season and finished in fourth place.
X30 Senior Italian Championship
1. Danny Carenini (ITA) 258 points
2. Riccardo Ianniello (ITA) 191
3. Sebastiano Pavan (ITA) 136

The titles already assigned in the previous rounds.
In the previous round in Sarno, the titles in the OK category were already assigned to the Brazilian Gabriel Gomez (CRG Racing Team/CRG-Iame-MG) and in the OK-Junior to the Algerian Leo Robinson (Ricky Flynn/LN-Vortex-Vega); in the previous round of Castelletto in Rok Junior to Gabriel Moretto (Moretto/Tony Kart-Vortex-Levanto) and in Rok Senior to Bartosz Grzywacz (KGT Motorsport/Tony Kart-Vortex-Levanto).

Results and standings:

In the photo: The award ceremony of the 60 Mini race-2.

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