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The 2023 Karting Sporting Regulations have been published
21 November 2022

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There are several innovations that distinguish the new Regulation.

The new Karting Sector Regulation for the 2023 Sporting Regulations, proposed by the ACI Sport Karting Commission chaired by Raffaele Giammaria, has been approved by the Sporting Council. Below is a summary of some of the topics that distinguish the 2023 season.

Series proposed by a single Promoter.
The Series have been defined as a set of competitions chosen from those entered in the National Sports Calendar or the National and International Sports Calendar, proposed by a single Promoter and approved by the Federation. Regional character is excluded.

Licenses and new classes.
The new OKN-J and OKN Classes are included, as well as the 100/125 Classes called Legend (historical karts).

Maximum number of karts.
For Tracks with Grade A ACI Sport homologation, which also have FIA ​​Karting homologation, the maximum capacity in all races is 36 karts.

Rain tyres.
In the event of rain occurring after the conclusion of the technical checks, the RAIN tyres, which can be purchased or owned by the Competitor, can also be stamped from the moment of the WET RACE declaration by the Race Director. It is understood that the opening and closing times of the pre-grid access will remain unchanged. Drivers who show up at the entrance after the established times will not be allowed to start.

KZN, categories and age of the drivers.
Italian ACI Karting Championship: KZN Under, from 25 years old during the year up to 39 years old during the year; KZN Over, 40 years old during the year.
Coppa Italia di Zona: KZN Rookie, max 3 years of driver's license seniority; KZN Over 25, from 25 years old up to 30 during the year; KZN Over 30, from 30 to 50 during the year; KZN Over 50, from 50 years old.

Titles up for grabs in 2023.
Italian ACI Karting Championships:
- ACI Karting MINI Gr.3 Under Drivers
- ACI Karting MINI Gr.3 Drivers
- ACI Karting OKJ N Drivers
- ACI Karting OKN Drivers
- ACI Karting 125 KZ2 Drivers
- ACI Karting 125 KZ2 Under 18 Drivers
- ACI Karting 125 KZN (Under/Over) Drivers
- ACI Karting 100/125 LEGEND Drivers
- ACI Karting OKJ Drivers
- ACI Karting OK Drivers
- ACI Karting Women
- ACI Karting Disabled
- Karting Regional Teams

National Trophy:
- 60 Mini Drivers
- 60 Gr.3 Under Drivers
- 60 Gr.3 Drivers
- OKN Over 40 Drivers
- KZN Rookie Drivers
- KZN Over 25 Drivers
- KZN Over 30 Drivers
- KZN Over 50 Drivers

National Street Circuits Trophy:
- 60 Minikart Drivers
- 125 KZ2 City Circuits Drivers
- 125 KZN (Under/Over) Drivers
- 100/125 LEGEND Drivers

Coppa Italia di Zona:
- 60 Mini (with Under 10 ranking) Drivers
- MINI Gr.3 Under Drivers
- MINI Gr.3 Drivers
- OKJ N Drivers
- OKN Drivers
- OKN Over 40 Drivers
- KZN Rookie Drivers
- KZN Over 25 Drivers
- KZN Over 30 Drivers
- KZN Over 50 Drivers
- KZ2 Drivers
- KZ2 (Under 18) Drivers
- 100/125 LEGEND Drivers

The Zones of the Coppa Italia 2023:
- Zone 1: Piedmont, Val d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy
- Zone 2: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino, Alto Adige, Veneto
- Zone 3: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche
- Zone 4: Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise
- Zone 5: Campania
- Zone 6: Calabria, Basilicata
- Zone 7: Puglia
- Zone 8: Sicily
- Zone 9: Sardinia

Security, paddocks and other areas.
In the paddock and inside the permanent circuits, speed is limited to a "walking pace". Outside the track, properly so called, Drivers, mechanics and assistants are forbidden to circulate with karts, motorcycles, scooters, other motor vehicles, including electric ones. The use of vehicles by children and/or people without a driving license, the use of scooters, skateboards and similar means of transport, the use of any means of transport without adequate insurance as provided for by the Italian law is forbidden too.

For the complete vision, consult the Karting Sector Regulations published on the website

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