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The 4th South Garda Karting trophy in Lonato launches new players
Giovanni Mele
22 May 2019

The 4th South Garda Karting Trophy in Lonato, with 188 drivers on the track struggling with a fairly variable weather, had the advantage of launching new protagonists in the national karting scene, and greeting among others the first successes of Leonardo Marseglia in KZ2 and the very young Thai Enzo Tarnvanichkul in the 60 Mini.

In the race, in addition to the KZ2 and 60 Mini, also the KZN and the Entry Level for the Regional Championship,together with the Rotax and Easykart categories for the respective National Trophies.

In KZ2 it was therefore Leonardo Marseglia (BirelArt-Tm) who won the Final, after Matteo Zanchi (GP-Tm) had prevailed in a very wet Prefinal. Among the best also Manuel Cozzaglio (BirelArt-Tm, VZeta team), second in the Final, and Giuseppe Fusco (BirelArt-Tm, Renda Motorsport) deservedly on the podium with third place.

In the 60 MINI the Thai Enzo Tarnvanichkul on Parolin-Tm with the Baby Race team took the satisfaction of his first career victory. The Chinese Zhenrui Chi (Energy-Tm) was the first to cross the finish line in a rather frantic sprint, but he was then excluded for underweight. The victory then went to Tarnvanichkul followed by the Danish Benjamin Toft (BirelArt-Tm, VZeta Racing) and the Slovenian Matic Presa (IPK-Tm, Formula K Junior Team).

In KZN the absolute victory went to Matteo Dondi (Intrepid-Tm) in front of Rodolfo Massaro (CRG-Tm) and Enrico Manzoni (Energy-Tm), all three competing in the KZN Under, while the winner of KZN Over was Michele Bresaola (Tony Kart-Vortex), seventh overall. Cristian Curti (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Roberto Avanzato (Energy-Tm) also finished on the KZN Over podium with second and third places.

Among the very young of ENTRY LEVEL, he dominated the Romanian driver with Italian license Eric Vranceanu (IPK-Lke) on Ludovico Mazzola (Tony Kart-Lke) and Filippo Pancotti (Energy-Lke).

ROTAX TROPHY. In ROTAX MINI won both in the Prefinal and in the Final Pietro Valdo Pons (Parolin). In second and third position, Davide Bottaro and Brando Badoni were both placed on Egergy. In ROTAX JUNIOR, Mattia Lombardi (Sodi) prevailed over Giuseppe Fiorenzi and Andrea Giudice, both on Energy. In ROTAX MAX dominated Mattia Sergio Limena (Kosmic) with Elia Galvanin in second place. Michele Chizzali (Tony Kart) was third. In DD2 he won Cristian Trolese (Tony Kart) on Luca Munaretto (BirelArt). Lorenzo Landi (Tony Kart) finished third overall and first in DD2 Over, while the victory in the Gentleman went to Massimo Corsini (IPK).

EASYKART TROPHY. In the EASYKART 60 Andrea Calabrese, after establishing himself in the Prefinal, also won the Final in front of Riccardo Ferrari and Marco Barbaglia. In the EASYKART 100, at the end of a good duel, the Swiss Leonardo Principalli won over Adam Kowalski and his brother Simone Principalli. In the EASYKART 125 the success went to Mattia Moretti, with Alessandro Girotti and Daniele Tassone on the podium with the second and third place, all on BirelArt. In the BMB Challenge it was Mattia Volpi (Tony Kart) who won both in the Prefinal and in the Final. Second place was won by Cristina Fotia (BirelArt) at the end of a 10-place comeback, while Andrea Procinto (Ricciardo) finished third.

Upcoming events at the South Garda Karting in Lonato, on June 23 the WSK Euro Series and on June 30 the 6th Trofeo d'Estate.


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