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The 6th Kart Summer Camp of the ACI Sport Federal School in Adria ended with a great success
Giovanni Mele
19 July 2019

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he 6th edition of the Kart Summer Camp, the three-day summer course for children from 6 to 10 years of the ACI Sport Federal School on the circuit, ended with another great success in participation and organization. Adria Karting Raceway in collaboration with OTK for technical support and supply of karts, with OMP for the supply of complete race clothing and with Bridgestone for tires. The course was based on the teachings of competitive driving, absolutely necessary for beginners, but it also prefigured an interesting approach to driving on a four-wheeled vehicle that will certainly have benefits for greater safety on everyday roads .

21 children between Kid and Mini

There were three intense days for the 21 children admitted this year to the course of 16-18 July, of which 10 children from 6 to 8 years engaged at the wheel of the Rok Kid karts, and 11 children from 9 to 10 years with the most karts powerful of the Rok Mini. The Kart Summer Camp was once again an important training course, starting karting for newcomers but also more complete technical and competitive knowledge and also regulation for those who have already had some initial experience.

The instructors of the course

The staff of the Federal School present at Adria was composed by its director Raffaele Giammaria, supervisor Giancarlo Minardi, secretariat with Alessandro Apostoli and Ludovica Di Mario, instructors Gabriele Lancieri, Enrico Toccacelo and Stefano Tredicine, by educator Glenda Cappello generous with advice with young students but also with parents, by the regulations technician Lucio Tonello. A valid support on the track also came from Andrea Filaferro, a student of the Kart Summer Camp in the past years and today protagonist of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in the 60 Mini. The technical staff of the OTK Kart Group, who assisted the children in all practical phases on the track, are also in force.

Participating students

The students who took part in the course and who obtained the valid certificate of participation in order to be entitled to the Licenses for the competition, Grade F for Entry Level and Grade D for the Mini, were: in the Kid Rok category Antonio Calistri from Pisa, Sebastiano Cecchini from Verona, Leonardo Duina from Brescia, Evan Filé Moussavi from Bologna, Alessandro Gori from Rome, Thomas Gotti from Udine, Lorenzo Leopardi from Bologna, Andrea Bernardo Montagnani from Rome, Francesco Montoneri from Genoa, Matteo Vatteroni from Rome; in the Mini Rok category Ludovico Busso from Ragusa, Matteo Fratini Lysyshyn from Terni, Jonathan Galipò from Messina, Graziano Giordano from Salerno, Giulio Marcon from Rome, the two sisters Camilla and Carlotta Mortara Crovetto from Genoa, Stefano Norelli from Campobasso, Federico Sbardellati from Rome , Flavio Speranza from Rome, Tommaso Toldo from Treviso.

Tests held on the last day of the course

The third final day was the most demanding, started with a Warm up session and continued with the timed session, the starting procedure, in addition to the theoretical part with the teaching of correct nutrition, the compilation of the card related to the variation of the set -up and to the resolution of the technical questionnaire. Finally, two race simulations that gave the right satisfaction to the staff of the ACI Sport Federal School for the competitive progress found in the students, who in just three days have completed a good path of growth and knowledge of karting. Finally, the time has come for the expected delivery of participation certificates which concluded the Kart Summer Camp 2019 event.

Congratulations to the students by Emanuele Pirro and Raffaele Giammaria

The presence of Emanuele Pirro, president of the ACI Sport Karting Commission, who wanted to personally congratulate all the 21 students of the course contributed to giving further depth to the Kart Summer Camp event.

The comment by Emanuele Pirro: "I am really happy to be here at Adria for the 6th Kart Summer Camp, dealing with children is the most beautiful thing in the world, because children have enthusiasm, innocence before being influenced by parents and passion. I'm glad that ACI Sport has promoted this initiative. I would also like to thank OTK for providing us with material and assistance. In my opinion this is an excellent promotion for karting, a sport promotion, a healthy one, which makes one grow physically, intellectually and morally before thinking about becoming ... world champions. To all then a warm goodbye to the next Kart Summer Camp of 2020. "

Raffaele Giammaria, director of the ACI Sport Federal School: “We have reached the final day of the 6th course of the Kart Summer Camp at the end of a very intense three-day course. On this last day we had the pleasure of seeing enormous progress on the part of all the children, who arrived in Adria with different experiences, between those who had already run races and those who were absolutely neophyte without ever getting on a kart. We have seen that even starting from different experiences, all of them have progressed. It was therefore a very positive campus, thanks also to the support of the OTK Kart Group and the splendid setting of Adria which allowed us to respect the program. There were no particular problems. Today we had the opportunity to subject the boys to qualifying and race simulations, and we saw in each of them a great improvement compared to their starting point. I am very satisfied and I really hope next year that I will have the opportunity to organize a 7th Kart Summer Camp with a greater number of members to give everyone the opportunity to learn about this beautiful sport. "

In the pictures: 1) The young Kart Summer Camp participants with Emanuele Pirro and the staff of the ACI Sport Federal School; 2) The Adria circuit during the Kart Summer Camp; 3) Emanuele Pirro, president of the ACI Sport Karting Commission, and Raffaele Giammaria, director of the ACI Sport Federal School.

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