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The ACI Sport Karting Commission and the 2023 Karting project
11 August 2022

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2023 sports and technical project elaborated for approval by the National Sports Council and the Sports Council.

Under the leadership of President Raffaele Giammaria, the ACI Sport Karting Commission met to discuss a series of important topics, including a significant part of the 2023 Karting project. Following the meetings that took place in recent weeks between the President Raffaele Giammaria together with the Secretary Manolo Bastianelli, with the manufacturers, the teams and the main players in national karting, and having also taken note of the proposals of the licensed, the Karting Commission has approved a 2023 karting project to be proposed for the approval of the National Sports Council and the Sports Council.

These are some of the topics covered:
- Karting activities for the disabled with interventions by Avv. Vincenzo Capo, the FISAPS President Stefano Venturini and the FISAPS Vice President Claudio Tomei;
- Project of the 2023 titled races;
- Unification of categories and Licenses, between National Activity and Club Racing Activity;
- Technical Area Proposal for Historic Kart Races;
- Technical Area Proposal for pre-competitive events (new Baby Kart);
- Brand Trophies;
- Rental.

This is the project of the titled races for 2023:
- Italian ACI Karting Championship to be maintained in 5 rounds, with the inclusion of the two new international categories OK-N and OK-N Junior which will join KZ2 and MINI Gr.3 with also Under 10 years classification. Championship in 3 races for the two categories KZN Under (25-39 years) and KZN Over (from 40 years);
- Italian Championship for Regional Teams;
- Italian Historic Kart Championship 100 and 125;
- Italian Disabled Kart Championship;
- National 60 Mini and MINI Gr.3 Trophy;
- Italian Zone Cup, replacing the Regional Championships, with the categories 60 Mini, MINI Gr.3, OKJ N, X30 Junior, OKN, X30 Senior, KZN, KZ2 (under 18);
- Final of the Italian Cup.

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