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The first ACI Sport Evaluation Stage for Karting ended with excellent results
Giovanni Mele
18 December 2019

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The first ACI Sport Evaluation Stage for Karting was concluded with excellent feedback, organized by the Federal School directed by Raffaele Giammaria together with the School staff and the creator of this new project, Gian Carlo Minardi, president of the ACI Sport Speed ​​Commission and Supervisor of the Federal School, in addition to the technical partners that have allowed the realization of this new interesting event.

The initiative of the new Evaluation Internships of the ACI Sport Federal School was born with the aim of addressing the youngest who practice karting in the age group from 10 to 14 years, with the aim of monitoring many of the drivers who practice karting, to know their potential, to identify the most deserving ones and to study for them specific training programs that allow them to get better prepared for the passage from kart to car.

The first ACI Sport Evaluation Stage for Karting, to be considered "number zero", aimed at effectively promoting the project that will officially start next year, took place in the Rome Sports Center of the Italian Army for assessments physical and psychological of the first day and on the Viterbo Circuit for the practical tests of the second day. This first occasion saw the participation of four pilots sons of art, namely Brando Badoer (son of Luca Badoer), Davide Larini (son of Nicola Larini), Lorenzo Patrese (son of Riccardo Patrese) and Enzo Trulli (son of Jarno Trulli ), all already with good experience in the various karting categories, from Mini to Junior and Senior, with whom it was possible to develop this initiative and give greater value to all the details of the project.

This first event, which ended in the past few days in Viterbo, received appreciation from the participants and praise comments from former F1 drivers, who thus gave a more than professional response to this first edition of the Evaluation Stage ACI Sport for Karting, which can be the starting point for a constant activity of the Federal School in favor of young karting drivers. So far, from a didactic point of view, the Federal School has had a direct relationship with the youngest riders aged 6 to 10 through the Federal Karting Courses and the Kart Summer Camp, and with children aged 15 and over for those who are preparing to make the transition from karting to motoring through the Federal Car Courses, the FDA-ACI Sport Camp, the Federal Supercorso and the Tutoring in Formula 4. Today with the new Evaluation Stage in karting, the Federal School can fill the band aged from 10 to 14 years and concentrate more on the growth of young talents.

A special thanks for this initiative goes to the Centro Sportivo dell' Esercito Italiano in the person of Colonel Giuseppe Minissale, who hosted this first edition in their structure and made their staff available for the physical assessments of the first day, in addition to Formula Medicine in the person of Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli who, together with his men, managed the part of the psychological evaluations in collaboration with the staff of the Italian Army. A due thank you is also addressed to the OTK Kart Group structure which has made available four karts in the Tony Kart Mini Rok, Exprit Junior and Senior Rok versions, in addition to the Viterbo Circuit in the person of the owner Diego Petrella for having made available the installation for the second day dedicated to practice on the track.

Also present at the Evaluation Stage of the ACI Sport Federal School were ACI Sports Director General Marco Ferrari and Karting Commission President ACI Sport Emanuele Pirro, who did not fail to express their appreciation for this new initiative. Gian Carlo Minardi, president of the ACI Sport Speed ​​Circuit Commission and Supervisor of the Federal School, was also particularly satisfied.

The appointments of the next ACI Sport Evaluation Stage for Karting organized by the ACI Sport Federal School for 2020 will be announced shortly.

In the pictures: 1) All the protagonists of the first ACI Sport Evaluation Stage for the Federal School's Karting; 2) An operational moment of the ACI Sport Evaluation Stage; 3) Delivery of the certificate of participation by Emanuele Pirro on the left and Raffaele Giammaria on the right, to the four participants of the first ACI Sport Evaluation Stage: in the center from the left the kartists Davide Larini, Enzo Trulli, Lorenzo Patrese, Brando Badoer. Foto: Angiolella.

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